We all want to love the way our hair looks – and enjoy the kick of confidence that comes with it.

But we’re all different. And so is our hair.

This year, we've covered great bobs, curls, fringes, beachy blonde, chocolate balayage, beating frizz, perfecting your home blow dry – and so much more. So, here’s our top 10 guide to getting the Great Hair you deserve - whatever your hair type, length or vibe.

1. How to beat frizz in all weathers

Frizz – and how to get rid of it – is one of our most asked-about issues of all time. Here, we cover our top hacks for preventing and beating frizz come rain or shine.


2. Finding your perfect bob

Everyone from Billie Eilish to Kaia Gerber, Penelope Cruz and Gigi Hadid has rocked a bob of late. Whether it skims your chin, comes with blunt edges or even has a curtain fringe, we think there’s an ideal bob for everyone. Let’s find yours now.

3. The beauty of a trim

Not ready to take the plunge with a bob? We take a look at how small ‘tweakments’ can make a massive difference to your look over here.

4. Getting a great home blow dry

We know: blow drying your hair can be tiring and time-consuming. And, after all that hard work, it often falls flat on your face again.  Take the hassle (and arm ache) out of it with these 6 steps to perfecting your blow dry while getting effortless volume and movement.


5. Fancy a fringe?

This story about chocolatey waves and curtain fringes was among our most popular. We think it’s the ideal way to transition your way from winter 2021 into a shiny new year.


6. Let’s talk about this year’s most on-demand length

There’s a reason the Middy is so popular: it looks great on pretty much everyone and takes approximately zero minutes to style. Here’s 5 ways to ensure it never feels frumpy - but stays looking spot-on.

7. Maybe you’re into beachy blonde

In which case, we’ve covered balayage v highlights right here. Don't book your colour appointment without reading the ins and the outs.

8. What about curly hair?

While many people spend years battling their curls, we know that the right cut can enhance that natural texture, so you can get on with having easy, great hair you love. Here’s our insider secrets to cutting, colouring and styling curly hair the right way.

9. The best cuts and colour, according to your hair type

For an encyclopedic run-down of cuts and colour for your hair type – from fine and flat to thick or curly – take a longer read right here.

10. Everything you need to know about booking an appointment

And finally, we rounded up your most-asked questions about booking – from choosing a stylist or colourist to asking for a trim and telling your expert exactly what you want from your hair.