Industry terminology gets tossed around all the time – but can be confusing at best. Here, we’ve got the answers to the questions you always wanted to ask, (can you just book a trim? Colour or cut first? Is bringing picture references ok?) so you're prepped and ready for your next appointment. 

What’s the ‘finish’ in ‘cut and finish’?

‘Finish’ is a bit of an old-school term that essentially means ‘blow dry’ and ‘style’. That means we’ll dry your hair as you like it – then tong or straighten it, if that’s your bag.

Can I just book a trim?

We don't distinguish a 'trim' from a 'cut' when you book in but, absolutely – please come and see us, even if it's just for maintenance or getting rid of those split ends. We also believe that small tweaks can make a big impact, so you don't need a big change to really notice how much better your hair looks afterwards. A good hairstylist will know that a good cut is as much about what you don’t cut as what you do.

I want my hair to look shinier and healthier, but don’t want colour. What can I do?

We know: getting healthy, glossy hair is what we want too. If you don’t want to colour your hair, the best thing you can do is upgrade your products. Top tip: apply Almost Everything Cream post-shower, then blow dry or straighten your hair to seal in super shine.

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I want a cut and colour. What should I do first?

Woah – let's take a step back, shall we? The first question to ask yourself is: 'Have I been to this colourist before?'. If the answer's ‘no’, we offer free colour consultations to discuss what might work best for you. We’ll give you a patch test at the same time, so you don’t need to come back and have one before your actual appointment.

From there, it's a good idea to book in for your cut and colour on the same day. This is because your stylist and colourist will work together to make sure your colour enhances your cut – and vice versa. Within that booking, your colour will be done first. And in case you're wondering, we answered all your questions about the difference between highlights, balayage and booking a full or half head right here. 

What’s the best way to explain to my stylist what I want?

We think Great Hair starts with a great opinion. Every cut in one of our salons is a collaboration between the stylist and you – the client. When giving you advice and ideas, your stylist won’t just take into account your hair type, (although whether it's straight, you want to enhance your curls, are prone to frizz or need your fine hair to look fuller is important) – they’ll also think about your lifestyle, your outfit, your skin tone and several other factors too.

That said, your images are like gold dust to us. Bring us a picture of your favourite celebrity cut. You could even show us a selfie from years ago if that's the look you're aiming to get back to.

Why are some stylists and colourists less expensive than others?

This is simply based on how much experience they have. A stylist who has been with us for 10 years will naturally be more expensive than someone who qualified 10 months ago. While experience is super important when choosing your stylist, making sure they get your vibe is also essential.

The best thing to do is find someone you like then come in for a consultation to see how you get on – then book your appointment.

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