We get it. The annoying thing about lockdown 3.0 hair is, that while 1.0 was all about ‘Zoom hair goals’ (pass), ‘date night styles’ (Netflix doesn’t care what our hair looks like) and ‘dressing up like you were actually going somewhere’; 11 whole months later and it seems like a bit of a faff to get dressed at all. (PJs in the snow? No problem). Let alone battle hair that seems determined to lie shapeless/at weird angles on your face.

So, then we thought: How about a 1-minute solution that adds shape to your hair, frames your face – and kicks-start a bit of get-up-and-go for your day ahead? Even if the only place you’re going is on a Zoom.

“We like to call it ‘The Pinch’ because it requires pinching the front section of your parting to create a peak that sweeps down and around to frame your cheekbones. Brigitte Bardot is the classic reference; Sienna Miller and Suki Waterhouse are also masters at it. It’s particularly great if you have curtain bangs and/or some natural movement in your hair,” says Luke Hersheson.

Step 1: Find the right product for flat hair

We get so many questions about whether Almost Everything Cream works on fine or flat hair. Check out our reviews, and you’ll see that it doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy – it simply smooths frizz, conditions, beats shine and gives you more control over your hair.

Apply AEC to mid-lengths and ends. Start with one pump if your hair is finer, add two if yours is thicker.

Step 2: How to blow dry flat hair

Blow dry your hair, pulling the front section forwards and the sides towards the middle of your head. Create a centre parting and use a mixed bristle brush (our new Hershesons Everyday Essentials Brush is landing soon!) to smooth tangles and beat static.

Step 3: Set your shape in place

Tuck the sides sections of your hair behind each ear to create that face-framing sweep. Leave the shape to set while your hair cools down for a couple of hours. You can always keep each side in place with some dent-free grips. Then untuck/unclip and pinch the peak of your centre parting together to re-inforce the shape.

Step 4: If your hair is thick and flat

If you have thick, heavy hair it can sometimes be difficult to create shape that holds,” says Luke. “If that’s the case, use a tong to add a bend around cheekbone-height in the front section”.

Want to see solve flat, shapeless hair for good? Check out the full video here.