So, you want a fringe. But you’re a little bit scared. What if you hate it the second your hair is gone then spend months scraping/pinning/cajoling it out of sight?

Meet The Hershesons No-Maintenance Fringe: The solution to switching up your look, with an effortlessly cool cut that takes minutes to style and lets you keep your lengths. Not only that, but it’s designed to enhance different face shapes and work on different hair textures.

What is it?

As a close cousin to our signature Curtain Bang, The No Maintenance Fringe gives you that same feeling of having a shiny new cut, but comes in a little shorter in the middle, making it super low maintenance for new mums.

What are the benefits?

Oh, where do we start now? Pop this super cute fringe in and it pretty much ticks all the boxes.

 Adds instant shape
 Updates your look
 Hides post-baby baby hairs while they grow
 Makes your eyes pop and your cheekbones look more contoured
 Take moments to style
 Great up or down

Who does it work on?

We road tested this look on Kara, because she’s a classic example of someone whose long hair had grown out, leaving it a little fuzzy and shapeless. She wanted to ring the changes, feel fresh and nonchalantly cool – but she didn’t want to lose her lengths. And she definitely wasn’t into anything high maintenance.

The A-list references…

Goldie Hawn was the original. We also love this look on Georgia Jagger, Suki Waterhouse and Daisy Edgar Jones.

So, how does it work?

We used our classic razor technique to keep the ends super soft and fluid, as we took the front section of hair up into this slightly shorter fringe. Then we added shorter sections around the ears to frame her face, so Kara can leave pretty tendrils when she pulls her hair up.

The No 1 thing that goes wrong with this look is failing to get the fringe to blend in with the rest of the cut. The key to The No Maintenance Fringe is that it’s cut from ear to ear, front to crown, so everything is smooth and fluid – with absolutely no hard edges. This is what keeps it effortlessly cool and makes it easy to style – even as it grows out.

How do I style it?

We know you only have two minutes – so let’s do this thing:

  1. Comb your hair through and add some Almost Everything Cream while it’s WET. Do not wrap it in a towel, because this is a one-way ticket to frizz.
  2. Let the front section curtain over the forehead, tuck the rest behind your ears, and clip in place with these. Then air dry and simply release when you happen to have a free hand.
  3. Need to press fast forward? Don’t want to go out with wet hair? Let the ends of your hair fall into a diffuser and lift it up a little, so it hands in a kind of ‘S’ shape. This will give you a hint of a natural wave, with practically no effort at all. 

Want to see how it’s done? Kara rocks it right here.