Seeing as Air Drying your hair saves time, saves heat damage and saves yours and the planet’s energy – we think it’s a total no-brainer for 2020 and beyond. But, what if you want to Air Dry – without your hair looking limp, greasy, flat or just plain old full of frizz? Our resident rule breakers, the @TheHairBros , (a.k.a Sean Paul Nother and Nick Latham) frequently ditch the dryer in favour of letting their clients’ hair dry naturally.

“The key to successful air drying is to start with a Great Cut,” they say. “Air drying is quick, easy and brings out the best in your hair, to achieve a look that’s totally unique to you – not just like everyone else.” So, send our apologies to your dryer; say we’re ever so sorry to your tongs. No matter whether you want a little volume, waves or shape – without the arm-achy fuss of heat tools – here’s how to air dry straight, short, curly and fringed hair fast.

Straight Hair

Air Dry Straight Hair

The problem: Your hair is medium to long and oh-so straight; it has a tendency to fall flat on your face – especially if it’s fine. So, you want a streamlined way to add some ‘guts’ (the technical, hairdressery term for ‘oomph’), here’s just how to do it.

Your solution: Do not brush wet hair. Instead, flip your towel-dried hair upside down and run one pump of Almost Everything Cream through the mid-lengths and ends, to add condition and eliminate frizz. Next, spray 3 pumps of Kérastase Aura Botanica Eau de Vagues sugar spray into your hair to add texture and lift – without the old crisp and crunch of a traditional salt spray. Flip your head the right way up, part it as you wish, and scoop your hair behind your ears as it dries. Once dry, untuck it from behind your ears and say hello to hair with lovely natural texture in a shape that frames the face and those cheekbones beautifully.

Air Dry Short Hair

The problem: You don’t want to mess with a nice crisp bob too much; but left to its own devices entirely, it can lose shape and become a little fluffy.

Your solution: Rub 1 pump of Almost Everything Cream between your hands and run them through your hair. Skip on by those brushes – your hands are your best friends here; use them to pull your bob into the shape and parting you prefer. For days when you and your shampoo have temporarily lost contact and your hair is a little greasy, air drying is your answer. Add an extra few pumps of the cream to the hair and comb it straight back to embrace an intentional, on-point wetlook.

Air Dry Curly Hair

The problem: You want to air dry curly hair – but things have gone frizzy, fluffy and full-on haywire whenever you’ve tried it in the past.

Your solution: If your hair is naturally curly – or you’ve had a New Wave Perm – use the Mixed Bristle Oval Cushion Brush to smooth and untangle when it’s wet from the shower. Scrunch 2-3 pumps of Almost Everything Cream from the tips up to the roots. We say scrunch, not twist, because twisting only creates the kind of corkscrew movement you’re likely to get with tools. Scrunching complete, leave your hair be. No really; do not even think about touching it until it's dry, or you’ll ruffle all that natural frizz and fluff. Once it is dry, you can always use a smidgen more of the cream to smooth any flyways, then unleash your natural waves.


Air Dry your Fringe

The problem: Cowlicks, kinky bits, falling flat – seriously, where do we start? Take a tip from backstage at Fashion Week (where time is always of the essence) and smooth a half pump of Almost Everything Cream through your fringe, then use clips to pin it flat against your forehead, or mould it into the shape you require while it dries.

Ready to roll with your air dry? Send us your thoughts, your pics and your very own tricks. We’ll meet you over @Hershesons.