So, you want a look that’s chic and easy – something new, but not a huge statement that feels altogether too scary.

Which is why Chocolate Waves and a Curtain Fringe is our no. 1 trending look right now. Rich, deep brunette paired with long, soft, face-framing bangs. It's great if you’re a little bored of your long hair and want to shake things up without losing lots of length. The overall effect is also polished but effortless and needs next to no styling.

What is it?

As the name suggests, this looks pairs a deep chocolate colour with curtain bangs. The beauty of this combination is that together, they make for a look that's gorgeously soft with effortless shape built-in. It's super easy to wear and requires pretty much no styling- our perfect definition of Great Hair. 

Who are the A-list references?

The original curtain fringe icon was, of course, Brigitte Bardot. Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson and Penelope Cruz have all rocked this killer bang and brunette combination.

How does it work?

On very long hair, we take the length to around three or four inches below the collarbone. This works in tandem with the long, sweeping curtain bang, so the whole cut feels natural and seamless. By cutting strategic pieces around the front, it opens the face up, accents your cheekbones and jawline, and creates easy movement and separation. When it's dry, it has a super soft outline and gorgeous natural texture. The long length of the fringe means you can also flick it to one side, making this look really versatile.

By adding a rich chocolate colour with lots of tonal depth, it amplifies the natural texture of this cut, adding to the overall effect of effortless shape and movement.

Who does it work on?

It's ideal for long hair that's got a bit straggly or shapeless (although it would work nicely on a longish bob too). We can take the weight out of very thick hair with this cut. And conversely, the shape and texture created by the cut make fine hair look fuller.


How do you style it?

In two minutes! Run some Almost Everything Cream through wet mid-lengths and ends to beat frizz and add shine. You could leave it to air dry, or rough dry it and tong in a few soft waves around the front. Scrunch some Zhoosh Foam into your mid-lengths and ends when your hair is dry or on day two, and it'll amp up that natural movement and texture. 

Who to book?

David is our curtain fringe king. Jason, Jenna, James, Maxine and Alexe will give you all the rich chocolatey vibes.