Sometimes a girl needs a fresh new look. Enter the sequel to the post-breakdown fringe: the post-lockdown bob.

Long hair is lovely. And yes, pretty much everyone looks great with a Middy too. But the throw-caution-to-the-wind feeling we’ve got right now makes a carefree, air-dried bob feel more right for now.

But, how do you know which bob style is best for you and your hair type? Let’s discuss.

“The number one thing you need to aim for when getting a bob is to embrace your natural texture, so you can air dry your hair and go,” says Luke Hersheson.

1. The Shaggy Bob

Super cute and great if your hair is on the finer side, the Shaggy Bob by Jordan takes its inspiration from the Modern Mullet (‘70s vibes made modern and effortless). The layers throughout give it effortless shape and movement, topped off with this cute face-framing fringe. In bob terms, it’s on the longer side, just kissing the very top of the shoulders. It’s kind of rock and roll, but soft and pretty at the same time.

2. The Little Bob

A bob and some curtain bangs are great if your hair tends to fall flat. Shorter than the Shag, the Little Bob skims just below ear height, taking its full shape from those lovely blunt tips. The face-framing bangs create shape and definition, doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to spend hours styling it. Don’t be afraid to try this look if you have curly hair – it’s one of our signature styles.


3. The Tousled Bob

Ideal if you have loads of super–full hair and want to lose some inches (not to mention some weight off those ends). When hair is this thick, it tends to hang down in two heavy curtains, dragging your facial features down with it. Taking it jaw-length and adding in some invisible layers will remove some of the weight, and add effortless shape. A few shorter sections at the front will frame your face. Apply Almost Everything Cream to wet and/or dry hair, flick it to one side to add height at the front – and you’re ready to go.

Rules of thumb

To ensure your bob is fresh and modern (not ‘80s news reader frump), keep the ends nice and chunky – and avoid wispy tips or exaggerated turn-unders. A simple pump or two of Almost Everything Cream, applied to your hair when its wet or dry, should be all you need to do to bring out your natural texture and let the cut do the hard work for you. Keep some AEC handy for rainy days and moments when you need to fight frizz.

Ready to book your bob? Conor M, Jordan G, Gemma M and Samuel B.