After a year of choppy bobs and beneath-shoulder lobs, hair is going longer. Medium-length, about armpit height – it’s 2020’s answer to versatile, easy-cool hair.

The ‘middy’ looks good when you straighten it or tousle it with tongs; it also works down, but is long enough to tie up. And while shorter hair is high maintenance and longer hair can lack volume, medium-length hair is the Goldilocks of styles: it’s in-the-middleness makes it just right.

The unstudied ease that comes with medium-length hair makes it a winner too. It’s got sporty hints of the ‘90s supermodels about it; yet simultaneously feels fresh, clean, crisp – and untainted too. Perfect for turning over a new leaf for the start of a brand New Year.

Did we mention that it’s easier to maintain the health of your hair at this in-between length? Which means that ultimately, your middy will also be shinier, happier and in better condition.

So, now that we’ve agreed on medium-length hair as the best style for pretty much everyone, here’s our top 3 tips for growing your hair out. And still looking Great.



Push through the in-between pain barrier

There is going to come a time when your hair lives in limbo-land. Neither one thing nor the other as it skims your shoulders, it may start to flick out in funny directions. Do not give up at this point and succumb to a cut. Hang in there – and meet us at tip 2.



Try this trick with a ponytail

Take a leaf from influencer, podcaster and journalist Pandora Sykes, who recently told us her Hair Story. She uses a pump of Almost Everything Cream to beat frizz on wet hair. Then pulls her hair back into a chic low ponytail, right at the base of her head. Make this your signature style too, and no one will guess you’re simply growing out your hair from last year’s bob to the 2020 middy. Bonus point: these are the best Hair Ties for when you're growing your hair out, and don't want to risk so much as a millimetre of breakage.



Get the best cut for medium-length hair

You’re inching closer – the home straight is in sight. The No 1 best cut for medium-length hair is to keep the tips chunky and add a few subtle layers around the front, in order to frame the eyes. Get growing, get Great Hair. Medium-length really will suit you too.