We get it. You think layers are old-fashioned.

But what if they could switch-up your look without losing your length – and get an effortless, rock ‘n’ roll vibe? 

Take your look from “meh” to effortless movement, character and shape when you wake up each morning. All you need Hershesons’ New Shag.


What is it?

It’s an updated version of the ‘70s shag. Which means you get all the effortless movement and edgy vibes - without jaggedy layers and a shape that makes you look like a mushroom-head.  The reason it works is all in the secret sauce: Hershesons’ signature invisible layers.



What are the benefits?

✓ Transforms your hair from so-so to on point – without losing loads of length.

Great shape that still has softness.

✓ Versatility. Dial it down – or crank it up for full rock chick vibes.

✓ Minimal styling. The cut does the hard work for you.


Who does it work on?

Check out our stories and you’ll see that how we tweak The New Shag according to your hair type. So yes, it really does work on everyone.


The A-list references…

Shag originals include Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger and Meg Ryan. Models Freya Beja Erichsen, Mica Argañaraz and Damaris Goddrie all show us how it’s done in a softer, more modern way.


So, how does it work?

Former shags were all about heavy layering that left the shortest hair on the crown. The layers were so extreme they looked like a staircase made of hair. The New Shag is all about re-distributing the weight of the hair using invisible layers. We use a razor, rather than scissors, to create softer, more fluid layers – rather than full-on “ledges” of hair. The beauty of invisible layers, is that they build in effortless shape and bring out your hair’s natural movement once dry, so you don’t need to waste hours styling it.


How do I style it?

We like to style our shags with our hands. We’ll start by applying a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream to the mid-lengths and ends to beat frizz. Then massage our new top secret product (coming soon, we promise) into the roots with our fingers – perhaps adding a little heat from a diffuser – to add volume, particularly at the front. Wear the back a little straighter if you want a toned-down look; or rough up those layers for a shaggier, rock ‘n’ roll finish.


Who do I book?

Jordan G, David G, Adrian P, Luke H, Gemma M, Conor M


Want to see The New Shag for real? Maria’s full transformation is right here.