We love a blow dry. Yes, a quick and easy air-dried style that enhances your natural texture is one of our signature moves. But there’s always a place for big, bouncy, bombshell movement – the kind you can only get from a Great Blow Dry – when you want to look polished for your weekend plans or a party, perhaps.

But here’s the rub: Many myths abound as to how to get smooth, frizz-free, glossy movement. And, if you’ve tried and failed to perfect your blow dry technique back home, there’s a good chance you’re making certain mistakes.

So, here’s 6 steps to getting the Blow Dry of your dreams…

1. Do not blow dry freshly-washed hair

This is one of the most common myths. In fact, the little extra texture your hair has when it's a day old will help you achieve a big, bouncy, blow dry that lasts for longer.

2. Start dry – not wet

Again, if you want lasting volume and bounce, rough dry your hair first – then style it.

3. Pick the right products

When we created our best-selling Zhoosh Foam, we made it with you in mind. It looks like a traditional mousse, but the pioneering 'dry foam' technology inside means that it works on dry hair to create instant body and movement, without ever feeling sticky or crunchy. Simply shake the can, add a plum-sized ball to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and use your fingers to comb the product through, working from your roots to your mid-lengths.

4. It’s not all about your hairdryer…

We like to rely on our tongs for that big, bouncy, bombshell look. Take medium-sized sections of hair, wrap each one around your curling iron, and pin them in place. Work around your entire head and wait for 10-15 minutes for the curls to set. Add a light misting of L'Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray for flexible hold.

If using a tong feels like too much hard work, you can use hot rollers instead. Simply roll and fix them in place, leave them in for the same amount of time, and remove them.

5. Brush it out…the right way

We always say that it’s easier to remove volume than add it. So, having taken our your tonged sections or curlers, don’t panic about ending up like Curly Sue, because now it’s time to take some of that volume out. Avoid using a flat, mixed bristle brush for this look – you’ll only kill your volume flat. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair out, section by section. As you comb, the curls will become looser – so decide how much movement and bounce you want to keep in, then stop brushing.

6. Finishing touches

Smooth a little Almost Everything Cream through the mid-lengths and ends to add polish and prevent frizz. Pull your hair into a low ponytail with one hand, then use the comb to back-brush the underneath section a little. This will help keep that gorgeous natural wave and movement in place while ensuring the top section is still beautifully touchable.

Part your hair in the centre – or flip it to one side for extra volume and shape. The result is a super polished, glossy blowout with serious bombshell volume.

See it in action by Luke Hersheson...

No time to perfect it at home? You can always get the look when you book into our Blow Dry Bar