We get it: most of the time, you’re happy with your hair. But sometimes, it seems to just start doing its own thing (and not in a good way). It’s a bit shapeless, lifeless, lank, flat and dull. You don’t want a big change, but you just know it needs something. And frankly, you’re not sure what. 

"Many people get to a stage with their hair when it feels like a real effort to make it look good. It's easy to assume you need to ask your stylist for a full-on 'cut', when in fact, just a few well-considered tweaks may be all you need to make a huge difference," says Luke Hersheson.

Here's what to ask for next time your hair is feeling a bit 'meh' and you need it to look full of life.

1. Add “invisible” layers

Great Hair needs a great shape. Whether your hair is long or bob-length, adding soft layers around the ears and chin will frame your face by curving gently around your eyes and cheekbones. We create ours using a razor to keep things soft and subtle – and we call them "invisible" because they reset your overall look without appearing like a heavily layered cut.

2. Create “good split ends”

Long or thick hair can often hang like heavy curtains without shape. So, if you want to keep your length but get extra length, make sure you avoid ruler-straight primary school ends and instead, get "good split ends". Ask your stylist to use serrated scissors, which cut around 1/3 of the hair between the blades. This leaves your tips with a soft, fluid feel that maintains the length without your hair looking straggly.  

3. Let your bone structure guide your bob

An in-between length simply won’t work on a bob. As a rule of thumb, we think a bob should always sit somewhere above the bone at the back of your neck. If in doubt, letting it skim your jawline is a great guide – and has the added bonus of enhancing your bone structure.

4. Get curtain bangs

Long or bob-length, there’s a fringe for pretty much everyone. Our signature curtain bangs are longer than a traditional fringe and feature a sweeping shape that frames your eyes and pulls your overall look together. Being longer means that it grows out easily and effortlessly, so you don’t have to keep coming for a trim all the time.

5. Try this quick styling trick

We know that a Great Cut never relies on arm-exhausting styling – or a long list of over-hyped styling products. Which is why we created Almost Everything Cream. Twist one pump or two into wet hair to prevent frizz – then simply diffuse or leave to air dry. Because you’ve laid the foundation with a great cut and shape, this 3-minute trick is all you need to bring out your hair’s natural movement and feel more confident in your look.

6. Play with your parting

Once you’ve got that great shape you can switch up your parting to add versatility to your look. Create a centre part, and you'll get that face-framing swoop. Or flick it to the side for a little extra height at the front. You can also add more lift in the place you need it most by scrunching in some Zhoosh Foam.