How often do you apply lip balm? Every day? Couple of times – morning and afternoon? Do it subconsciously, pretty much on the hour? Us too. 

Applying lip balm as a matter of routine keeps our lips smooth, chap-free, plump and glossy.

The point of all this is to say that, with the right product, we can do the exact same thing for our hair: apply said styling product every day – and you’ll end up with smooth, frizz-free hair with all the volume, shine and natural texture you’ve always wanted.

That product (the lip balm the hair world) is Almost Everything Cream: it’s got 8 uses, some really nice 5* reviews (thanks, by the way!), won some awards, and honestly, just takes your hair (whatever your hair type) – and brings out the best in it.

Which is why it’s become part of a daily ritual for its ever-growing fan club who use it, Monday through Sunday. We thought we’d share how AEC addicts use theirs…

 Immediately after getting out of the shower. Smooth it through wet hair to prevent frizz from forming later.
 On day three after washing. Smoosh a couple of pumps into dry lengths and ends to hydrate your hair, add a healthy sheen and generally bring it back to life.
 Stop battling/straightening your gorgeous curls. Scrunch Almost Everything Cream though your hair when wet and your curls will be nicely defined, with effortless bounce, in a matter of moments.
 Keep it on your desk. So, when rain/humidity/your commute sends your hair haywire, you can nip frizz in the bud fast – whatever the time of day.
 Pop one in your gym bag. Same reason. A post-yoga glow is one thing. A halo of frizz is quite another.
 Have it to hand when your fringe starts developing kinks and cowlicks, for no apparent reason.
 Use it on wet hair to prime and protect your hair before styling with tongs or straighteners when you’re going out-out (not long now, friends).
 Use it on wet hair, then air dry and go. Because sometimes life is too short for blow drying.

We could go on. But you get the picture. A drop – or two – a day of Almost Everything Cream will give you Great Hair. No matter what the hour, the day or the season. Now, the only question left to ask is: how do you use yours?

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