Small change – big difference. You want easy movement, quick, low heat styling – and an effortlessly cool Bob that looks on point every day.

Meet the Chunky Bob. It’ll take your Bob from good to Great…


What is it?

From dull, heavy and lifeless to a look that’s just gagging to embrace a brand new year. The Chunky is a way to update your Bob by enhancing your hair’s natural movement.


What are the benefits?

✓ Makes outdated Bobs modern
Brings out your natural movement
Takes minutes style with only low or no heat
✓ Avoids any triangle head vibes
Exudes effortless, textured cool


Who does it work on?

The way we cut this Bob with Invisible Layers makes it ideal for those with thick hair who want to enhance their hair’s natural movement, without things getting bushy and triangular. That said, we can adapt it to suit your hair type, by balancing chunky ends with softness and a fresh, modern vibe.


The A-list references…

Kaia Gerber, Cara Taylor and Dua Lipa have all rocked a Chunky in their time.


So, how does it work?

The Chunky Bob doesn’t want to look like it’s been cut with a knife and fork. We use a razor (rather than traditional scissors), to lend the ends softness, without losing that chunkiness, (the clue is in the name). We also leave the top section and instead, cut Invisible Layers into the underneath to remove excess weight and create that natural movement – without things looking too done.


How do I style it?

Run a pump of Almost Everything Cream through while wet, part your hair in the centre and pin the side sections behind each ear using some dent-free clips. This will create a beautiful, face-framing shape once your hair is dry. Add a little heat from your diffuser and toss the front section to one side to create instant shape and lift. Then you and your Chunky are good-to-go.


Who do I book?

Jordan G, David G, Adrian P, Gemma M


Want to see it in action? Lolita’s Bob went from good to Great right here.