If your hair is anything like ours, it tends to look pretty good around day two. By day three or four, we’re battling with greasy roots, dry ends and lengths that are flat/frizzy/shapeless/look terrible on Zoom.

And no, we do not have time (read: energy) to shampoo.

We’ve got the answer with a quick hack that helps you hide greasy roots and “dry wash” your hair, so you can eke it out for at least another day, knowing it looks great.

“This is a super simple way to beat oily roots, smooth away frizz and fluffiness and add some movement back in to flat hair. We call it The Refresh,” says Luke Hersheson.

Step 1: How to dry wash your hair

"By day three or four, some natural oil will have built up on your roots, so you need a good dry shampoo. We love Batiste Original (affordable, does what it says on the tin) or Klorane Dry Shampoo (lighter, less powdery, more expensive). Don't be afraid to really coat your roots – we'll fix the white residue later," says Luke.

Step 2: Find the right brush

We then use our new Everyday Essentials Brush (landing soon!) to detangle, smooth frizz, beat static and bring hair back to life. Kind of like your favourite pair of jeans – it’s that thing in your life you turn to pretty much every day.

Step 3: Smooth frizz

If you want to fix frizzy hair without washing, you need a product that works on dry hair. Comb one whole pump of Almost Everything Cream through your mid-lengths and ends using your fingers. This will again, smooth frizz, as well hydrate dry ends and give your hair a healthy sheen.

Step 4: Add movement

Flip your head upside down and pull the lengths up into a high pony at your crown. Twist the tail, then wind it into a bun, tucking the ends in or securing them with a snag-free elastic. Do your make-up, have a cuppa…just leave your hair to set in the bun for 10 minutes, (longer if your hair is thicker).

Step 5: Let your shampoo wait

Take out the bun and blast your roots and lengths with a hair dryer to remove any product residue. 

“Finish your look by giving your hair a bit of a zhoosh. Everyone’s zhoosh is different – so you know what works for you,” says Luke. Find your parting; tuck one side behind your ears; pincer a little section between your fingers at cheek-height to add a little bend.

What you're left with is great, easy movement without oil at the roots or dryness on the ends. You and your hair are good to go for another day…

Need to skip washing your hair? Check out the full video here.