Over the past few years, we’ve cut more Bobs than we can count. Long ones, shorter ones, bobs with curtain bangs or blunt edges. With all the different versions out there, it’s clear there’s a Bob for everyone.

Now there’s a new Bob in town – and it’s going viral. Meet the Italian Bob: it’s short, chic, takes minutes to style, and comes with an effortless shape and fullness, thanks to a specific cutting technique. It’s great if your current Bob is looking a little straggly and overgrown; and perfect if you’re sick of your long hair and want to hit refresh with a look that feels a little more polished. It’s also brilliant for curly hair that needs more shape and definition to bring out the best in it.

“There’s something about the turn of the seasons that calls for a more pulled-together style. The Italian Bob is super-sophisticated, yet comes with a carefree feel, thanks to its ability to enhance your hair’s natural movement and texture.’

– Luke Hersheson.

So, what to ask for – and how do you style it?



Get the length right

A bob can fall anywhere between ear and collarbone-height, so it’s worth getting specific about the length. The Italian Bob is characterised by its chin-skimming length that gently hugs the face, without longer corners at the front (as some other bob styles have). There’s something fresh – almost gamine – about this length that instantly lifts your look overall if you’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ about your hair lately.



Keep the shape easy breezy

The way the weight of hair is distributed is another key factor when determining which Bob you choose. Our stylists like to cut Italian Bobs using a razor first, followed by thinning scissors. This technique helps to get the length just right and enhance your hair’s natural texture and movement to create the appearance of fullness, without it feeling heavy or bulbous anywhere. If you have a natural wave, or like to wear your hair in beachy waves, the Italian Bob is ideal for you.



Air dry it using this technique

We get it: sometimes you just need to wash and go. The beauty of the Italian Bob is that it requires minimal styling time and effort. Simply apply a pump of Almost Everything Cream when you hair is wet from the shower to prevent frizz and boost shine. Take two sections at the top of your head and twist them into buns, securing them with these Great Hair Clips (we call this our Dry Bun Method). Do your makeup, have a coffee, or catch up on some emails while you allow your hair to air dry for a while. If you’re in a real rush, you can always add some low heat by using a diffuser. Unclip your buns, shake out your hair and rake your fingers through it to reveal a lovely natural texture with some in-built fullness and movement. A smidgen more Almost Everything Cream will help you tame any flyaways or frizz if you get caught in rain or humidity later.



Embrace its versatility

While styling the Italian Bob is super simple, it still comes with bags of versatility. We like to tuck one or both sides behind the ears. Or flick the parting to one side, perhaps, for a little more oomph and height at the front. You should find that it’s also just long enough to tie back in a low pony when you fancy it. Even better, you can always prep it with some Zhoosh Foam and blow dry with this brush, if you want to amp up the volume and take your Italian Bob out-out.