You know that feeling when you wake up, run your hands down your hair - and get one almighty shock? Your once long lengths are no longer there; you regret your new cut at once - why in the heck did that feel like a good idea?

What we know is: you have long hair – and you like it that way.

But sometimes it kind of hangs in two droopy curtains. And no matter how much time or money you spend on styling it, it simply won’t play ball.

So, here’s the latest episode in our ongoing “shake up your length without losing your length” series (check out Curtain Bang week here).

The Hershesons Keep Your Inches Cut:

The answer to refreshing long hair – without leaving the salon chair and crying all the way home.

What is it?

Just what it says on the tin. You save your inches but add effortless movement, face-framing shape and a cut that makes your hair look on-point – up or down – with no heat styling at all.


What are the benefits?

We love long hair too. Like jeans, white tees and red lipstick, it’s just one of those never-gonna-go-out-of-style things in life. But length adds weight; so gravity pulls those lengths down, giving you that shapeless, won’t-do-anything droop. The Hershesons Keep Your Inches Cut is the antidote: all the length, all the shape and easy-breezy movement – with absolutely minimal effort on your part.

Who does it work on?

Well, erm, long hair. We can add body to fine hair; remove weight from thicker hair. And because we stand firmly against the “long hair doesn’t work past a certain age” myth – we know it looks Great on women of all ages.

The A-list references…

Take a wander back through time to the ‘90s supermodels – think Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and those iconic Versace ads. More recently, you can hit up Gisele, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emily Ratajkowski, Julia Roberts, Blake Lively…

So how does it work?

This one has all the ingredients of a signature Hershesons Cut:

Invisible layers that give you the foundations for shape, natural body and movement that brings the hair to life once it’s dry.

Face-framing sections that you can flick this way or that to switch up your look. They also keep things soft when you pull the rest of your hair up.

The Good Split End: A free-hand way to cut tips that looks like you woke up with really Great Hair – rather than got a stylist to make it kind of rigid and ruler straight.

How do I style it?

If you haven’t already clocked it, we count ourselves as the champions of air drying. That’s because we believe Great Hair should never take more than two minutes and two products to style.

So, run 1-2 pumps of Almost Everything Cream to damp hair, then twist random sections (some small, some larger), as if you were going to tie them in a knot. Release, shake out and let you hair dry naturally. This finger drying technique coaxes out natural movement, to bring out the best in your hair.

Any final tips?

This looks A+ Great when you team it with beachy balayage. If you want in on the sun-kissed look in our video below, you can always book James F at Harvey Nichols.

Want to see it in action? Watch the full video here.