How many times have you saved a bob picture to your hair inspo file – then chickened out? The bob has, is – and in our view – always will be, one of the most popular hairstyles. It’s timeless, cool and hints at a kind of French girl chic. The kind of girls you follow on Instagram and wish your hair got out of bed looking as great as theirs.

The good news is, that for all those too chicken, the new French Girl Bob has all the great bob vibes – but none of the drawbacks. It also works on everyone and takes just 2 minutes to style.

“A lot of women worry that losing their length will make them feel exposed – or that a bob will take ages to style with blow dryers, straighteners and tongs. The cut of this bob does the hard work for you – so you can literally wash and go,” says Luke Hersheson.

So, how does it work?

The best bob length

If you’re used to having long hair, getting a bob can make your neck feel a bit naked. The French Girl Bob sits below the jawline, just above the shoulders. Not on the shoulders, because this gives you a weird '90s news reader flick-out. Just kissing the shoulders gives you a soft kick of movement and feels short enough to be a bob – but long enough to keep some length as a security blanket.

Add a bob fringe

French girls love a curtain fringe – and so do we. We like to blend the fringe into the front sections of the bob, so it looks super natural and seamless. It also gives you face-framing shape, without having to spend ages blow drying.

Bob shapes

We add our signature ‘invisible layers’ around the front, so your bob never hangs down in two curtains, but springs to life with instant shape once dry. Then we keep the back one length, to give body and texture, without you even trying.

Wash + go

Add one pump of Almost Everything Cream to your bob, immediately after you get out of the shower. It stops frizz from forming later, amps up shine and brings out your hair's natural texture. If you want to add a little more oomph and shape to the fringe: rough dry it, moving it from side to side as you go. Then separate the middle of the fringe with your fingers to create a face-framing 'peak' that sweeps out and down to your ears. It takes two minutes – and you're gone.

Who to book

David, Jordan, Adrian, Premlee, Conor, Gemma M and Ryan are all bob pros. You can read all about them or jump straight to booking here.

Want to see the French Girl Bob in action? Vogue’s digital fashion writer, Alice Cary, got the new French Girl Bob has her first post lockdown cut– and just look how great it looked on her.

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