We don’t know how the world got its knickers in a twist and ended up with the conclusion that blonde or brunette = good and grey = bad.

What we do know is that we like to shake things up – and then some. So, we’re on a mission to make Grey Great again.

Meet the Hershesons 101 on Making Grey Great - with this “knife and fork” bob.

What is it?

We took our reference from a classic French cut from the ‘70s called “Coupe Sauvage” – or “knife and fork cut” – because it looked like it had been created using cutlery!  It was all about being disheveled, in a totally pulled-together way.

What this means for you, is that there’s no dye, no “covering up” greys – no compromises. It’s your 100% natural, colour-free solution to breathing life back into you grey.


What are the benefits?

Don’t get us wrong, we love grey hair. But we do recognise it comes with certain challenges. Often, grey hair refuses to reflect the light – so looks kind of dull and lifeless. Sometimes, it can be dry, course, frizzy and out-of-control bushy; other times, it feels thinner than it used to. We take the weight out of “bushy”, add body to “limp”- then serve you up a look that requires two minutes to style – or less.


Who does it work on?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 92, this look is about pairing the right cut with your natural colour, to bring out the absolute best in your hair.


The A-list references…

We bought out the heavy-hitters on this one. No less than legendary actresses, Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone and Diane Keaton, who looks effortlessly on-point while embracing their age, no matter what the year on their passport. #Goals.


So how does it work?

Essentially, by working with the hair’s natural movement, rather than against it, (as most of us spend our life doing). We bought the length up to that in-between shoulder and chin length, then made the area around the jawline ever so slightly shorter. We added our signature Good Split Ends with a razor, to add that natural, lived-in look we all love.


How do I style it?

This is such a defined cut that it requires almost zero styling. We make Grey Great – the carefree way – by adding 1-2 pumps of Almost Everything Cream (more for fuller hair, less for fine hair) through the lengths and ends (avoid the roots) to smooth away frizz and add a little control. Then wait for your hair to air dry while you do something you love to do.

Use your fingers as a brush as you lightly stretch the hair, pulling it to one side then the other, as you blast it with this hair dryer. Flick your hair to one side and bob will well and truly be your uncle.


Any final tips?

Stop listening to people with their grey knickers in a twist. Just go out and rock it.


Want to see how it’s done? Eve shows us how right here.