No frizz

Like finding the perfect pair of jeans or stopping spots in their tracks, the quest to discover the perfect solution to frizz can feel never ending. You know what they say: knowledge is power. So, to beat frizz, we must first understand it.

What causes frizz?

A quick look on Wikipedia confirms that frizz can be defined as “hair that does not align with the surrounding hairs, but stands up or curls independently, creating a fuzzy or irregular texture.” It’s this irregularity – usually on the uppermost hairs – that sits awkwardly, despite our best efforts to bring order to our style. Essentially, what causes frizz is exposure to any kind of water or humidity. The hair cuticle refuses to lie flat, which is why we see all that fuzz. So, frizz is not a seasonal problem but a perennial one; our hair gets rained on in winter and gets fuzzed up in the more humid days of summer. And while a little easy texture is something we actively support in the pursuit of effortlessly Great Hair, we understand your need for more control. So, get ready to smooth that frizz in a matter of seconds.

Prevent frizzy hair

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Run two pumps of anti-frizz Almost Everything Cream through wet hair after your morning shower. It creates a protective barrier that seals off moisture to stop frizz forming at all.

Rake – don’t brush

If you skipped step 1 and frizz is holding your hair hostage, resist the urge to brush – it'll only amplify the fuzz factor. Instead, use your fingers to rake through your hair, creating tension as you do so, to help smooth the cuticle again.

Why frizzy hair happens after blow drying

Done wrong, blow drying your hair can exacerbate frizz by ruffling up the cuticle. So, pick a professional dryer like this one; it comes with a nozzle that concentrates the heat to help smooth that cuticle down. Be sure to hold your dryer so that the air flows in the same direction as your hair, from root to tip.

Style away that frizz

Styling frizzy hair brings in an element of damage limitation. Use your hands to smooth your hair straight back or create a centre parting, then tie it in a high or low bun. Not only will you reign that frizz in so it’s a whole lot less unruly, but you’ll also minimise the surface area of hair exposed to moisture – so prevent more frizz forming while you’re out and about.

Tame frizzy hair overnight

If your hair has spent all day in the drizzle, you don't necessarily have to start all over again by washing it at night. Simply smooth a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream into your dry, frizzy hair – then blow dry it as above. Leave it loose, so it's smooth come morning; twist it into a bun to create loose, beachy waves. Either way, you'll have fixed frizz in 5 minutes flat. So, you can get on with having a Great Hair Day.