Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

It’s easy to think that all hairdryers are created equal – until you try a great one. Most dryers are fast, but lack heat; others are hot, but have no speed. Either way, the result is lasting hair damage. Happily, ours strikes just the right balance between the two, to give you a smoother, softer finish, in half the time – without a smidgen of singeing or dryness.


Ok, so this isn’t rocket science, but here’s a few extra tips: pump up the speed and temperature settings when you need to rough dry your hair fast. The cold shot button sets your finished style, to keep it going for longer.


It even comes with two extra nozzles, designed to give you professional-looking curls, waves and volume, plus comes in a handy travel bag, for when you need Great Hair on-the-go.


Controls: Two heat and two speed, cold shot button
Motor: 2200 W
Technology: Anti-static
Weight: Ultra light
Additional items: Travel bag, two concentrator nozzles
Weight: 0.9 kg
Size: L 30 cm, W 8 cm, H 24 cm
Cord Length: 3 m

best dryer ever.

Review by Farah


My hair is curly and long . usually it is hard to dry but with this hair dryer it is so easy and make my hair look great in a short time. it is the best dryer i used ever.

Changed my life!

Review by Gillian


I have long, thick, infuriating hair that needs a proper blow dry with a styling brush every time, otherwise it just looks like a big frizzy, bushy mess. Every time I dry it it's a battle that usually ends up with me sweating and red faced. For this reason my hair dryer is super important to me, which means I don't mind spending £££ on something if you get good use out of it. Having said that £100 is a lot for me to invest in a product without any form of testing, so I was pretty nervous on buying this, but after reading loads of reviews on all different brands and products in this range range I decided to opt for Hershesons after seeing some of the positive reviews. And I'm so glad I did - this hair dryer has literally changed my (hair) life! It's not only the quicker speed in which it takes to dry, but the way in which it dries it too. Previous hair dryers (even the two GHD dryers I used to own which I thought were average) seemed to dry the hair by heating it to the point of incineration as well as blowing the rest of the hair everywhere (even when using the nozzle, I would never not use a nozzle!). But the Hershesons seems to "magically" dry it without blowing any of the rest of the hair all over the place, reducing static, fly aways, frizz, my red face - all of it. The condition of my hair after using the dryer is completely different to before too - it's smoother and sleeker and I keep looking in the mirror every five minutes. If you're in any doubt about this hair dryer, go for it. What you get is well worth the price tag as it will no doubt last for quite a while.


Review by Jade


Amazing hair dryer. It is so easy to use and blow dry your hair. It is very powerful. Love it.


Review by Menna


A professional finish at home every time

Go on, treat yourself...

Review by Kirst


This product dries my thick hair in half the time leaving it soft and shiny. With a Black Friday deal, I bought it for a great price. Would highly recommend.

Outstanding product.

Review by Mimi54


This hairdryer has turned a chore into an almost enjoyable experience! I am very pleasantly surprised by the performance and delighted with the results of soft, shiny hair, which holds the style, in half the time.

Very pleased

Review by Mary jane


Got as a gift , very happy with this item. Does a great job

Amazing shine

Review by Petro


Had many over the years. My hair is fine grey so coloured and frizzy this gives a wonderful shiny finish.

Buy it!

Review by Theogucci


I read the reviews on best hairdryers. Didn't fancy forking out £300 for the Dyson. But £100? Gave it a go. So glad I did. Best gadget I've ever bought. Dries my hair in a 3rd of the usual time & my hair, which is highlighted & lots of grey (I'm 51) is sleek, shiny & soft.
I love love love this. Might be technology, might be witchcraft, but definitely addicted.


Review by Vet


Not all hairdryers are the same
This one proves it. Perfect in every way.