Having been in the hair industry for years now, I’ve seen trends come and come ~ and come around again. The way we think about hair is cyclical and, (even subconsciously), tied to what else is going on in our world.

Recently, I’ve been sensing a shift. For the past few years, tousled and tonged has been the go~to look for celebrities, influencers and many people who sit in the chairs of our expert stylists. But, while there’s nothing wrong with a tonged style (it suits pretty much every cut, from bobs to middy and longer styles), there’s something about it that feels a little too “done” for a fresh new year ahead.

Whether on magazine shoots, or working with A~listers, or watching what’s happening in our flagships right now, I’m seeing a definite move away from overtly tonged styles to looks that are shinier, smoother, less laboured ~ and more full of life. It’s like the hair version of “lit~from~within skin”. There’s something about these looks that feels effortless and authentically vibrant ~ not contrived or faked for the sake of appearances. It exudes a confidence that comes with understated ease ~ and it’s all the more powerful for it. 



There’s something about this texture that feels relevant for now, but, as with all trends, it’s cyclical; a reinterpretation of 60s looks (see Catherine Deneuve and Patti Hansen), along with 90s images of Kate Moss, Amber Valetta and Christy Turlington. More recently, you’ll see Felicity Jones and model Freja Beha Erichsen going with this more carefree but confident texture. 

So, how to pack away your tongs and achieve this softer, more effortless texture? Think straighter, brushed~out and blow~dried looks with a natural, face~framing shape, created using 5 of my favourite techniques:


1. Embrace straighter hair

Not poker straight, tonged~within~an~inch~of~its~life hair. But naturally straighter, without the enforced bends and ‘S’ shapes you’d create with a tong. The key to this look is to enhance your natural texture, but keep it smooth. So, apply a pump of Almost Everything Cream to wet hair to prevent frizz, then air dry. Tying your hair up in two buns while you wait for it to dry will add a little natural movement that’s still a million miles away from being faked with a tong.



2. Brush it out

Even an artfully tousled tong look can look a bit OTT. Once your hair is dry, don’t be afraid to brush it several times to create that soft, childlike texture. The Everyday Essentials Brush is your best friend here as it’s super gentle on your hair and scalp, but instantly adds softness and shine.



3. Bring back the classic blow dry 

If you want your look to be softer and more natural, but still come with plenty of polish, The Great Hairdryer is designed to help you create the look in seconds. Follow this masterclass on the Classic Blow Dry to perfect the look at home.



 4. Frame your face

First, get a Great Cut to achieve a built~in shape that needs only minimal styling. Second, pop the Great Hair Clips in when your hair is wet, then wait for it to air dry, to create an effortless curtain shape that instantly pulls your look together, but maintains that all~essential softness.


 5. Have an eye for the details

While we believe that everyone can get Great Hair, there’s no one look or way for everyone, so experiment and adapt it your way. If you need a little more height at the crown, rub some Zhoosh Foam in until it disappears. If your hair tends to look lifeless as the day wears on, carry the original 50ml Almost Everything Cream and Everyday Essentials Brush with you to add body and softness whenever you need it. Sometimes, just flicking the front section of your hair to one side is all you need to create a more polished shape.