Even if you’re a blow dry fan, there are a few bugbears that come up – time and time again. It takes ages (maybe you’d rather hit snooze, or be out the door already). Your dryer is crazy heavy – so your arm gets all achy and you give up half way through. Perhaps you end up with flat roots and fuzzy bits and wish you hadn’t bothered at all.

When we first thought about launching a dryer, we knew we’d only ever do so if it solved all these pain points. The Great Hairdryer is the result: it’s unbelievably light (it weighs less than a can of Coke, and about the same as your smartphone). It’s super quiet and amazingly powerful – so it dries your hair faster and more efficiently, smoothing frizz and locking your colour in place at the same time. You don’t need to take our word for it, because the reviews say it all!

So, now you’ve got the best hairdryer in the world (even if we do say it ourselves), how do you get the best from it – to nail the blow dry you’ve always wanted? Whether you’ve only got five minutes or you want a classic blow dry, to enhance your natural curls or create killer, face-framing shape, simply hit play on your step-by-step…



Only got 5 minutes?

Adrian P shows us how to get effortless shape and volume in your fastest time yet. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Prep with Zhoosh Foam

Boost root lift

How to select the right Great Hairdryer nozzle and smooth the top

Add instant shape with a Pro Blow Dry Brush

Apply some Zhoosh Foam for a look that’s natural not overdone or dated

Finish with Almost Everything Cream (you’ll love the face cream hack)



Want a classic blowout?

Whether you have long hair, a middy or a bob, this look is perfect for you. Let Jordan show you how…

Prep your hair and prevent frizz with Almost Everything Cream

Rough dry and follow the ‘finger stretching’ technique

Let the wide nozzle smooth out kinks

Create effortless movement with the Pro Blow Dry Brush (it’s all about the angle you hold your dryer)

Finish with Almost Everything Cream to hydrate ends and get a natural, piecey texture


Enhance your natural curls

Stop straightening, start blow drying. With the Great Hairdryer, it only takes few minutes to get naturally defined curls with plenty of bounce and movement. Get Conor’s top tips…

Prep with Almost Everything Cream 

Follow the squelch and scrunch technique

Diffuse on the right setting and speed, focusing on the roots

✔Finish with one final scrunch for perfectly imperfect curls


Get face-framing shape

As the king of Curtain Bangs, David G knows a thing or two about the Pinch technique. Luckily, the Great Hairdryer does most of the hard work for you…

Prep all over with Zhoosh Foam

Air dry to 90%

How to choose between the wide and narrow nozzle

Use the Pro Blow Dry Brush to pull the front section of hair forward

Work from the underneath, then move over the top

Finish with Almost Everything Cream for a great, cheekbone-flattering shape



Lighter. Faster. Better than anything you’ve used before.