Question: How often do you blow dry your hair? Every day? After every wash? We love a Great Blow Dry as much as the next person. Yet, having some solid air drying techniques in your pocket (even during winter) will save you time – and save your hair from all that heat damage. 

So, if you’ve backed away from air drying for fear of frizz or having fine, flat or greasy hair, here’s 4 insider tricks to bypass the blow dryer – and get the Great Hair you deserve.

“The key to effortless air drying is starting with a Great Cut – and products that do the hard work for you. When we created Almost Everything Cream and Zhoosh Foam, we made them unlike anything else out there: they deliver results in a simple way – and they work on all hair types, even if you've no time or inclination to blow dry." – Luke Hersheson.

1. How to air dry straight/flat hair

The problem: Long fine hair tends to look limp and lifeless. If yours is thick, the sheer weight of your hair and the pull of gravity can make it hang like shapeless curtains. Either way, the answer lies in adding easy shape and body that looks and feels natural – without a hairdryer or tongs.

Your solution: Do not brush your hair when it’s wet. Instead, press (don’t rub) the moisture out of post-shower hair, turn your head upside down and run one pump of Almost Everything Cream through the mid-lengths and ends to condition and eliminate frizz.

Next, scrunch one plum-sized ball of Zhoosh Foam into your mid-lengths and ends to add texture and lift – without the old crisp and crunch of a traditional mousse. Flip your head the right way up, part it as you wish, and scoop your hair behind your ears as it dries. Once dry, untuck it from behind your ears as it dries, and you’ll end up with great natural texture in a shape that frames your face and amplifies your cheekbones.

2. Add shape to short hair

The problem: You want your bob or lob to have effortless movement and tousle without it looking overdone or letting it become shapeless and fluffy.

Your solution: Scrunch and twist and little Zhoosh Foam into your mid-lengths and ends while your hair is wet and tuck it behind your ears, as above. If you find fluffiness creeping in, a tiny smidgen of Almost Everything Cream applied to dry hair will banish frizz. If your hair starts falling flat at your parting or crown, rub some more Zhoosh into the roots until it disappears to absorb grease and add instant lift and shape. If you want something totally different, you can also apply Almost Everything Cream and comb your hair straight back.

3. Enhance your natural curls

The problem: You want to air dry curly hair – but fear it will get frizzy, fluffy, shapeless and generally out of control.

Your solution: If your hair is naturally curly – or you’ve had a New Wave Perm – use this Knot My Problem Brush to smooth and untangle when it’s wet from the shower. Scrunch two to three pumps of Almost Everything Cream from the tips up to the roots. We say scrunch, not twist because twisting only creates the kind of corkscrew movement you're likely to get with tools.

After scrunching, leave your hair be – and (at all costs) avoid touching it until it’s dry – to prevent frizz and fluffiness. Once your hair’s dry, you can always use a smidgen more of the cream to smooth any flyaways and embrace your natural curls.

4. Smooth a kinked-out fringe

The problem: Cowlicks, kinky bits, falling flat – we love a curtain fringe for its ability to frame the face and add natural shape. That said, they have a habit of behaving badly.

Your solution: For a quick and easy, no heat solution, smooth a half pump of Almost Everything Cream through your fringe, then use clips to pin it flat against your forehead or mould it into the shape you require while it dries.