There are some of us out there who have an unashamed addiction to long: the longer our hair gets, the better we feel. Soon, we’re using our hair for a chair.

We love long hair too. But go too far, and it ends up shape-free, lifeless and altogether flat.

So, can we have it all? With gorgeous long lengths, that have effortless movement, shape, body – and are just generally full of life?

Course you can.


Meet Hershesons Long Hair+.

The best of long hair, plus all the added benefits. It’s like having your long hair cake and eating it.


What is it?

It’s long. As in, really pretty long – sitting around the height of your top rib. (If you feel like that’s not your vibe, check out our Middy over here).


What are the benefits?

You get to keep your lengths – without the drawbacks. After a certain point, the sheer weight of long hair tends to make it fall in a heavy, lifeless clump. It lacks shape, movement or any kind of oomph. So in a way, it puts all your hard work in growing your hair to waste. 

With Hershesons Long+ you get long – plus bonus points:

Effortless shape

Easy body

Natural movement

Low maintenance styling

Great up, down, parted in the centre or on the side


Who does it work on?

We had Anna in the Harvey Nichols hot seat this week. She came in with seriously gorgeous, below-bum-length hair that was genuinely in great condition. She wanted a change – and decided to donate an incredible 14 inches to the amazing Little Princess Trust, which makes real hair wigs for children and young people with hair loss.

We took Anna’s hair from below-bum length to top-rib-height, making her whole look seem lighter and more alive – without leaving her weeping over her lost lengths.

So, this one’s for you if you’ve clung to your extra-long hair like a security blanket – but know you really want to get more from your lengths. We don’t believe in putting a time limit on long hair, so it works – no matter what your age.


The A-list references…

Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields, Penelope Cruz, Amal Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Giselle and Gigi Hadid are all long-haired pros at this.


So, how does it work?

You know how we like to break the old-school rules. The safe bet would have been to reach for the scissors when taking off this much length. But using scissors would have created blunt ends that hung in a heavy curtain – dragging Anna’s hair and facial features down.

We whipped out the razor to create those melt-away buttery tips, we love to call the Hershesons Great Split End. Super light, soft and ethereal, it created shape and movement, bringing Anna’s still-long lengths to life as soon as they were dry.

We then bucked another outdated trend of adding endless layers. Instead, we created a sense of weightlessness, adding in some invisible layers – and some subtle face-framing shape around her cheekbones. Now that’s what we call Long+.


How do I style it?

Let’s cut to the chase: Having long hair does not mean you have to devote your life to styling it.

  1. We added two pumps of Almost Everything Cream throughout the lengths and ends, while Anna’s hair was wet.
  2. Then we air dried it, folding it back over on itself this way and that, to build in some natural movement.
  3. We twisted it into two big buns, then left it until it was almost dry. Release and voila – easy-breezy movement that brought out the natural shape and soul – even in really long hair.


Want to see Anna 14 inches down? Watch the full video here.