From long to short, tousled to chunky or shaggy, bobs have been one of the top-trending styles of the last few years – and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. Happily, we think there’s a bob for everyone.

But whether you haven’t yet found your perfect bob – or want to switch up your existing one, the new Round Bob is flattering, takes minutes to style and can easily be personalised to suit you. 

“The beauty of the Round Bob is that the cut does all the hard work for you. We cut it so it falls in an effortless way with built-in shape and movement. So you never need to spend hours styling it.” – Luke Hersheson.

What is the Round Bob?

Think about most bobs and they tend to have a more square (straight down) or triangular (they go out towards the tips) shape. The Round Bob might have a barely-there fringe or shorter pieces around the front, giving it a more carefree, bowl-like shape.


Where does it come from?

The Round Bob carries hints of the 80s – think Kerry McGillis’ iconic look in Top Gun. In the 90s, Donna Hayward brought it back in Twin Peaks. Since then, Naomi Campbell and Zendaya have gone for the rounder shape.

Will it suit me?

The great thing about the Round Bob is that it’s cut free-hand to give it bags of feeling, so it appears fresh and modern – rather like the way an artist paints. It’s the complete antithesis of a precisely-cut, beauty school textbook cut that feels heavily styled and overdone. We cut the Round Bob in an organic way that works with your facial features and is personalised to enhance the natural texture of your hair. That freedom means we can adapt it to fine, thick, straight and curly hair.

How do I style it?

Quickly – and simply by using our signature Zhoosh Sandwich. Apply Almost Everything Cream to wet hair to prevent frizz. Then add Zhoosh Foam, using your hands to scrunch and work it in before leaving your hair to air dry. Zhoosh will bring out any natural texture and movement, so you don’t have to use a hairdryer or tongs. Finish with a smidgen of Almost Everything Cream if you need to tame strays and add a control. You can always rub some more Zhoosh into your roots if you want extra lift and volume.