Incredible alone, but even better together, the ultimate power due in our Great Hair Kit have different – but complementary – uses.

One does all the taming, frizz-fighting, hydrating, controlling and defining. The other preps for a blow dry full of movement – and acts as a body builder when your fine/flat/shapeless hair needs some instant oomph. The trick is to use the right one at the right time – and you’ll always have Great Hair.

Here’s 4 ways to do just that…

1. Blow dry a Zhoosh sandwich

So, you want a smooth blow dry with effortless movement, volume and shine. And the Zhoosh sandwich is your ultimate solution.

First, use Almost Everything Cream post-shower on wet hair to prevent frizz forming later and condition. Then layer Zhoosh Foam over the top, adding it to the roots and mid-lengths to prep for a full blow dry with plenty of shape and movement.

Using this brush will help you get extra bounce. Once your hair is dry, rub a smidgen of Almost Everything Cream between your hands and press it into dry ends or use it to smooth and add shine to any flyways or frizzy areas.

2. Lift flat roots on dry hair

If your hair is on day two or even three since your last wash and your roots are looking flat and greasy, the pioneering ‘dry foam’ technology in Zhoosh will absorb that oil and do all the heavy lifting you need. Simply scrunch a plum-sized amount of Zhoosh into your roots on dry hair – concentrating on any areas that are particularly flat or where you’d like extra lift – such as your crown or parting. Make sure rub Zhoosh in really well, continuing until the foam has completely disappeared.

Then remove any fluffiness by smoothing a tiny bit of Almost Everything Cream over anywhere that needs it. Use one pump if your hair is fine, two if it’s thicker or curly. And be sure to avoid getting any on the roots. 

3. Define curls and waves

Bring out the best in your natural curls and waves by controlling frizz and adding great definition. Scrunch Zhoosh into the lengths when your hair is damp, then diffuse on a low heat or air dry.

Twirl Almost Everything Cream through once it’s dry to kill any excess frizz and really enhance the curves of those curls. Don’t leave home without our AEC 50ml version – you may just need it to add control and hit refresh when you’re out and about one.