So, you want a bob. Maybe you’ve dabbled with the long bob that’s been doing the rounds for years. Maybe you’re a complete bob virgin.

Either way, this New Bob is cut our way. And yes, it’ll suit you too.

Meet The Hershesons Bob: one of our signature styles that breaks all the rules to create an effortlessly cool, lived-in look – with less than two minutes styling.

What is it?

We all know the bob to be a classic. But too often, they come across as a bit stiff and dated. The equivalent of a haircut straight jacket.

The Hershesons Bob, on the other hand, has a touch of French chic to it – and comes with bags of easy-breezy movement that makes it effortlessly cool. It looks so natural, you’ll feel that after a lifetime of searching, you’ve suddenly found your perfect haircut match.


What are the benefits?

We can adapt the length and parting to make it suit all face shapes. It’s also great for accentuating your cheekbones and jawline – no matter what age you are.

The A-list references… 

Our original bob poster girls include German actress Natassja Kinksi, Demi Moore and Natalie Portman. Cut to models Kaia Gerber, Cara Taylor and Hannah Kleit for our favourite modern muses. Check out our Instagram for all the bob vibes.


So how does it work?

Unlike most hairdressers, we chuck out the old rulebook, with its formal techniques, and use our artistic eye to cut free-hand. Instead, we use a razor to give you lovely chunky, piece-y ends; then make it slightly shorter at the front. Crucially, we add our trademark “invisible” layers, to redistribute the weight of your hair underneath. This is the secret sauce when it comes to getting effortless shape and movement – with the minimum amount of styling necessary.  

How do I style it?

In two minutes and using only one product. Comb your Hershesons Bob through when it’s wet (do not let it sit damply in a towel – you’ll only encourage frizz). Run a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream through the lengths when it’s wet, tuck it behind your ears and clip it in place – then let it air dry. Remove the clips and scrunch a little. You’ll end up with a beautiful, face-framing sweep at the front and a little tousle through the lengths.

Any final tips?

Keep your hands off it while it’s drying. We know you don’t want your Hershesons Bob to be limp, flat or frizzy. So really, trust us on this one.

Why’s it so Great?

 Effortless, French-style cool

 Works on all face shapes

 Looks great on all ages

 Makes cheekbones stand to attention

 Takes 2 minutes and 1 product to style

Who do I book?

This style really is homegrown in Hershesons, so almost everyone on our team is a total pro at it. Hop over here to book Jordan G, Shelley B, Conor M, Grace NH, Premlee R, David G, Ben G, Gemma M, Christina H, Adrian P,

Want to see it in action? Watch the full video below.