Hugs and streamlines your jawline, makes your cheekbones POP and takes mere minutes to style.

Meet the New ‘90s(ish) Bob. And here’s why it’ll look good on you…


What is it?

It’s a bob – but better. It’s cut in a way that gives it bags of built-in body and movement. So you’re ready to wash, zhoosh – and go on with your day with Great Hair.


What are the benefits?

✓ Natural body and movement that’s full of life. Not a prim, heavy bob of old.

Jaw-hugging shape. Like using your hair to contour your face.

Versatility. Looks bang-on when flicked to the side. Equally on point in a centre part.

Instant attitude. Accessorise with a chunky necklace and sunnies. Who the hell cares if it’s December?


Who does it work on?

This bob is all about bending the classic hairdressery rules, (you know how we love to do that). We cut every bob to give it maximum character and bring out the best in you. Which is a long way of saying: it’ll suit you too.


The A-list references…

We called it ‘90s(ish), because it’s got vibes from that supermodel era, when hair had great body, movement and sass. The “ish” refers to our signature twist, which brings it bang up to date – making it a hot contender for 2021’s most sought-after cut. We love how it looks on Jourdan Dunn, Lea Seydoux, JLaw, Ciara and Dua Lipa.


So, how does it work?

The New ‘90s(ish) Bob bypasses the rules of a classic bob, (same length all the way around; kind of heavy and boring). We take the sides a little shorter than the back, so it hugs the jawline and cheekbones – and defines the face in a really natural way.

Then we add our signature invisible layers into the mix. This means taking the weight out of the hair – without actually making it look layered, in a dated kind of way. These invisible layers give the hair natural body and movement when it dries- even before you’ve done any styling at all.


How do I style it?

While wet, create a rough centre part with your fingers – and tuck each side behind your ears. We add a little *top-secret* product we’re working on right now – then apply a smidgen of Almost Everything Cream.

Massage the roots of the hair, then speed things up with some heat using a diffuser. Flick the hair to the opposite side that you want it to sit on, to give it some extra oomph. Finally, flip the front section to one side to give it a some height and bring out that instant attitude.


Wanna see the New ‘90s(ish) Bob in action? Check out the video of Yulia’s amazing transformation here.