Want an easy, wash ‘n go Little Bob with a Fringe that comes with cool, French girl vibes?

We know that you love a bob – and so do we. We love long bobs, short bobs, flick-me-to-the-side bobs – and now, a cool French girl Little Bob with a Fringe.

What is it?

“This is an old school classic made fresh and modern with an effortless, wash ‘n go feel that encourages your natural movement, but only takes minutes to style,” says Luke Hersheson.

What are the benefits?

✓ It’s a bob – with the extra bonus of a fringe 
It carries this easy, French girl vibe thanks to some subtle layers
The cut does the hard work. So you really do wash ‘n go
It’ll update your style and make you feel new, if you’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately 

Who does it work on?

We cut this on Alex, who has amazingly thick hair – and lots of it. The Little Bob with a Fringe took away some of the weight of her hair, so it no longer just hung around her face. That said, we can adapt it to pretty much everyone, with the same goal of encouraging your natural movement and taking the work out of your styling routine. 

The A-list references…

Think ‘80s/’90s supermodels; Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Winona Ryder. Go more recent with Audrey Tatou, Amélie and Taylor Lashae and you’ll arrive at something that feels fresh and modern.

So, how does it work?

“To create this look, I deliberately cut Alex’s hair with a razor,” says Luke. “The back is one length, but I added some layers to get that flick-out and create some width. The slides are very slightly shorter, which adds a bit of a flick towards the cheekbones.

“Then I added the fringe, again using a razor, and took it above Alex’s eyebrows before blending it into the sides of the hair”.

How do I style it?

We think the best bobs should not only look effortless, but they should feel effortless for you too. To style Alex’s look, Luke ran two pumps (use one if your hair isn’t as thick as hers) of Almost Everything Cream through the hair then added some heat with a rollerball. You can do the same with a diffuser at home. The key is to resist touching your hair with your fingers, because you’ll only encourage frizz.

Once dry, the layers and flicked-out elements will create this incredible natural movement, without you needing to turn to your styling tools. It’s why we called it the Little Bob with a Fringe that allows you to wash ‘n go.

Who do I book?

Jordan G, Luke H, Premlee R, Ryan W, Shelley B


Want to see Alex’s full transformation from mid-length hair to the new Little Bob with a Fringe?