Hair grips are one hair essential that many girls couldn’t live without. And I can definitely admit to being one of those girls! Whether you use them for clipping back your fringe on a ‘I can’t be bothered with my hair day’ or you use them to create some stylish catwalk-worthy looks, there’s no denying that they are a genius concept. But why are these bendy metal wires so important to us? 1. They come to the rescue when we wake up with crazy hair. 2. They help to create a smooth finish to any look. 3. They keep our locks secure, in place and sometimes out of our way! 4. Lastly, hair grips are becoming a hair accessory that you must definitely show off. Take Chanel’s interpretation of the classic hair grip for example: ALICE In March this year, Alice Dellal became the face of the androgenous Chanel Boy Handbag collection and helped to make the classic hair grip an edgy fashion statement, by adorning them with glimmering pearls. This look is solid proof that dotting hair grips along the parting enhances any look and by threading pearls onto your hair grips, you will easily be able to achieve this designer look. So what other looks can be achieved with our trusty grips? BUN_1 You’d have to be hiding under a rock to not know that sophisticated buns have been the hot topic. But, this style would be completely impossible to create without a tin of hair grips! For this look you could use them to smooth back any flyaway strands of hair, stop any hair from falling loose onto your neck and also to create the polished quiff. If you wanted to create more of a swept back ballerina bun, you would also need grips to place around the bun. BRAIDS_1 Or why not use grips to keep your hair neatly swept back in a French plait or twist? As you can see from the image above, this twist uses hair grips to make sure the twist is tightly secured, creating a sleek and elegant look. So whether you need hair grips for practical everyday use, or to create a range of stylish and interesting looks over the party season, make sure you invest in a tin of Hershesons hairgrips. They are perfect for popping into your handbag and will solve your every hair dilemma. Take a look at the Hershesons website for tips, inspiration and a full range of high-quality hair accessories.