Forget drastic cuts, “on-trend” styles and losing all your length: this Hero Cut does the hard-lifting for you – so you and your hair get the lift you need.

What is it?

The new Hero Cut is a game-changer if your hair feels flat, lifeless – or comes with natural frizz, curl and texture that you seem to waste hours trying to control. It’s a reinvention of the classic ‘70s shag, and uses layers to breathe new life into your hair. The difference with the Hero Cut is that it does so in a way that's soft, subtle, and feels all the more modern for its simplicity. The beauty is that it instantly elevates your look while remaining low maintenance. It even grows our looking natural – so you don't have to spend your life styling it or booking in for a trim.

The A-list references

Model Freya Beha Erichsen, Halle Berry, and Alex Chung have all gone for this super-soft, feminine cut in their time. Notice it feels easy and gently tousled – rather than heavily styled.


Who is it for?

The Hero Cut works best on hair with natural texture – think a wave or a curl. The way the layers sit when your hair is dry creates built-in shape and 3D definition without the need for heavy styling. If your hair is poker straight, it's probably worth swerving this look, so you don't end up with mullet-like vibes.


How does it work?

The old shag featured layers that began near the crown of the head and worked their way down the lengths of the hair. This produced a choppy, feathered, or flicky-out look, (exactly what we don’t want today). The Hero Cut has longer layers that are expertly cut to look natural. The tips come with our signature “good split ends, so they feel soft and buttery, rather than creating an avert gradient.

Adding a fringe

While it’s by no means essential, adding a classic curtain fringe or curly fringe will enhance the shape of your Hero Cut, so your face is beautifully framed. The one rule is that the fringe must blend seamlessly into the rest of the cut, rather than feeling like a clunky after-thought or – add-on.

Bonus points for colour

Whatever your natural hair colour, the Hero Cut will work on you. However, adding in some gentle babylights or balayage here and there will create the impression of depth and contour by enhancing those buttery layers. This means you’ll wake up to hair that already appears full of life and shape – and doesn’t require endless products to style.

How do I style it?

On the subject of styling, our mantra is to keep it quick and simple. Apply a pump or two of Almost Everything Cream (now available in a supersized 200ml version!) to wet hair – especially if your hair is prone to frizz. Air dry or diffuse as usual, then scrunch some Zhoosh Foam into the roots and/or mid-lengths to amplify the shape and movement provided by those lovely layers.