“You really don’t need to get a pixie cut to be in style this season…”

It’s hard to remember life before the rise of the super salon, the professional blow dry or costly therapy for your hair. We have become inundated with enticing treatments, beauty buys and must try’s along with a surge of convincing press stories circulating and heavily promoting fast services for your hair. Within this phenomenon stylists have obtained a near celeb status whilst some women confess to loving their stylist far more than their husbands. Some of us would no sooner sit in the salon chair with anxious unease than cling on to every styling tip on offer. But the hairdresser’s word is sacred, even if they have just lopped off an immeasurable amount of your hair. Take heed of their warnings. You really don’t have to get a pixie cut to be stylish, thus a consultation is not a verbal torrent of abuse; you are just being saved from the indignity of a bad style choice.

At Hershesons we are all for an instant hair renovation thus we have created a separate story, mood and character around each of our looks. Think of our menu as a base platform or a diving board. We only ask you to jump off, as we perform the elegant triple twisting dive that scores a perfect ten. We will tweak, taper and customise the look to fit you. A strong foundation is imperative to a good look but we feel you should be as equally comfortable as you are delighted with your hair. So seek a mid-week treat or two at our blow dry bar, a concept that is simply growing faster than hair itself. Match your style to your mood and browse our menu of twelve adaptable looks, ideally arranged within thirty-minute slots so that you can get a well-deserved quick fix on the go. The blow dry bar injects glamour and confidence into any woman’s lifestyle but our goal is to reinvigorate your hairstyle when you get that urgent call for perfection.

Are you stuck in a styling rut or just too comfortable with consistency? It’s always hard to change a routine, especially when it affects how you look. But Hershesons will help you beat this common chop-related fear, by introducing an array of pre-styled clip in hairpieces. You can avoid the salon for a little longer but still embrace the change. As a totally temporary fix, use a 10 Piece Set and remodel your hair daily. With little styling involved, you can redesign your appearance in record time. But heed my advice, a short-term beauty fix cannot compete when a hairstyle overhaul is in order, it may not be wise to prolong your appointment.