We’re a straight-talking hair brand with some serious balls. We believe that having great hair should be simple, easy and fun – no matter who you are. So, we rip up the rulebook. We whistleblow on jargon and spin. We rinse false promises down the plughole. Then we champion the very best newness, to bring you exactly what you want – before you even know it yourself. Because, when you have a good hair day, you have a happier life. And what’s more important than that?


Our commitment to staying ahead of the hair curve stretches way back. In 1999, we invented the first ever professional straightening irons. Now, with years’ worth of editorial shoots and catwalk experience behind us, we’re breaking the product mould all over again.

Because, we all know what it’s like: a bathroom shelf full of half-used, half-useful products that ultimately, let you down. So, it’s out with the old “regime” and in with a simple, straightforward solution:

We’ve democratized great hair by creating a one-size-fits-all product, with a list of functions as long as your arm. It’s still top-secret at the moment, but know this: we won’t promise it’ll perform miracles. Because, at the end of the day, it’s a hair product, right? But it does do exactly what is says on the tin. It puts the power back in your hands, so you can style your hair – your way. We like to call it getting Great Hair+. Click back here in February 2019 to streamline your hair routine down to a single, does-everything product.


Call us contrary, but we’ve never been ones to jump on a bandwagon and simply follow the crowd. Which is why we re-write the narrative with a fresh hair manifesto that’s bolder, braver and fits with how you live your life today.

We don’t build “salons”. Instead, we defy the status quo and create game-changing spaces for you to reach your hair goals, discover the very best new beauty brands and treatments – and simply work, chill or take a breather from life.

So, we’ll finish with one final promise: we happily swear never to simply be predictable. Rather, we’ll be truthful, transparent, open and unfiltered. And we’ll always give you great hair.


All the way to the bottom. And for that, we salute you! So, here’s a few bonus thoughts: we pride ourselves on giving you want you want, before you even know it yourself – like your very own personal stylist. Decades in the industry has left us quietly confident that we’ve got the skills, team and vision to bring you the absolute best in everything, so you can always have Great Hair. With that in mind, we can afford to take our customers and their hair – but not ourselves – seriously. Because at the end of the day, you and your hair should have fun together. Thanks for letting us get that off our chests. If you need to add a few more items to your basket, before you head to the check out – we’re totally fine with that.