Whenever we hear; "cut it shorter", "older women can't have long hair", "add more layers", and "you must get regular blow dries", we tend to roll our eyes. Because, sell-by dates are for food labels. And definitely not for your hair. 

Great Hair is ageless. Anyone can get it – at any age. And by Great Hair, we mean a look that’s effortless, relevant, works for your lifestyle – and feels like it was made for you. It’s spontaneous and natural – not like you just walked out of a salon. Or been blow dried and hair sprayed within an inch of your life.

Anything that sells itself as ‘the best haircut for women over 50’ is probably a little dated. Because actually, we think you could be 16 or 66, and the same style could look great on you.

Here we explain why our favourite celebrity hair looks work on women of different ages. So, you can get Great Hair too.

Curtain Bangs on Julia Stegner, 36

“This is a modern-day nod to the kind of look Goldie Hawn or Brigitte Bardot would have worn in their day. It has this easy middy length that works on pretty much anyone, with curtain bangs and invisible layers that give it an amazing face-framing shape to set off her features,” says Luke Hersheson.

The Classic Bob on Helen Mirren, 75

“This is a truly timeless bob. It’s the same shape as the bob people like Taylor Lashae or Cara Taylor have, but it’s styled differently. The emphasis is on the strong shape that’s cut slightly shorter at her neck. It feels elegant because it has a bit of height at the front and one side is tucked behind her ear. It’s a truly versatile cut that works at any age,” says Luke.


Long and Straight on Demi Moore, 58

“I love the deliberate simplicity of this look – it’s the antithesis of a cut that feels overdone. Demi has kept her length and gone for a solid black colour that really adds to this graphic style. It feels youthful and fresh because it’s the same length – with no fussy layers – all the way around," says Luke.

Curls and Honey Highlights on Imaan Hammam, 24

“The shape, texture and colour all work in sync to make this look great. I love the low side parting and bowl-like shape that’s cut solidly on the ends with shorter pieces framing her face. The honeyed tones contrasting the darker root also add a sense of depth, so her curls don’t look like one big block,” says Luke.


Beachy Texture on Gisele, 40

“This is classic no-hair hair. It feels super fresh and modern because the roots and underneath sections are darker, leaving the ends lighter and sun-kissed. It’s cut with invisible layers throughout, lending it a wispy, beachy feel. The texture and slightly off-centre parting mean that it feels totally natural – not like she’s just walked out of a salon,” says Luke.

The Long Bob on Michelle Pfeiffer, 62

“Michelle really proves that you don’t have to go short-short when you get a little bit older. This long bob feels modern and sexy because it has a soft wave and a darker root that juxtaposes the lighter pieces around her face. A salon blow dry could have looked dated and made her appear older, but the effortlessness of this look keeps it youthful and relevant,” says Luke.


The Modern Afro on Kerry Washington, 44

“The easy shape that looks like it’s been cut in a visual, rather than technical way, really brings out the natural texture of Kerry’s hair, so it feels full of life. This is a great example of using your cut to enhance – rather than fight – any texture you may have naturally within your hair,” says Luke.

The Chunky Bob on Kaia Gerber, 19

“The chunkiness of Kaia’s bob mixed with its natural air-dried texture make this style. The blunt ends – that almost look like they’ve been cut with a knife and fork – lend it a little kick-out that’s cool and modern, without being over-styled. As with many cuts, this less-is-more cut is as much about what you don’t do as what you do, “says Luke.


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