The easy (free!) hairstyle hack you need to know about

There are so many ways to reinvigorate your hair. You might get bangs cut in, or experiment with some lighter colour around the face, or – if you want something quick, easy and completely commitment-free – you could try switching your parting. The easy way to completely transform your look, the humble side parting is having a moment right now. Whether it’s Zendaya (who’s been wearing her baroque bob in a side parting a lot lately) or Dua Lipa, A-listers (and their hairstylists) love this simple trick.
Depending on where you currently wear your parting, the trick is just to flip it to one side (or the other, if you’re already a side parting fan). Not only does this add detail into an otherwise simple look, but it also creates volume and root lift where it wasn’t before. A big fan of the side parting, Luke says it can look both gamine and old-school glamorous, depending on your aesthetic, making it an excellent all-round hair hack.

‌While many wear theirs in loose, long hair, on the catwalks the side parting has been adopted in strict, slick ponytails or chignons, creating an androgynous and polished look that works as well during days at the office as it does for evening events.

How to get the look

For a precise centre parting, we love to use a comb to create a parting, but you can also use your fingers (or our Hershesons Great Hair Clips!). And a top pro tip? Smooth the hair around the parting by using a tiny amount of Almost Everything Cream to take down flyways and any frizz for a more impactful look.