beat frizzy hair
You left your bathroom this morning, and your hair promised to play ball. Then, no sooner have you been caught in a shower, and it's a whole other story. Suddenly, your smooth, sleek, shiny hair is feeling so under the weather; it's decided to give life a rain check. It's frizzy, and it's frazzled, there are bits roaming off in all directions – you've got a serious case of shower head. Which is why, when we asked you to send us your most pressing hair concerns, so many of you had frizz on your minds. So, we picked the top 6 questions – and put our answers on a digital postcard. Come scroll with us below and we’ll get you that sleek, smooth hair you deserve.

What’s the best way to blow-dry my hair sleek?

As simple as getting from A to B on the journey from wet to dry seems, there are so many wrong turns one can take – with the end destination being frizz. So, first things first: finish your regular wash with a cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle and prep your hair for smooth, sleek shine. Then, choose a smoothing serum and apply it only when your hair is wet. Not damp, not dry – because it’s hard to get an even distribution of the product – but wet. Point the nozzle of your hairdryer downwards – so the air follows the hair from root to tip – to smooth flyaways and fuzzy bits, (we're biased of course, but our Ionic Professional Hair Dryer really is the biz). Finally, make sure your hair is 100% dry before styling – or fuzz will hunt you down in a matter of hours.

And what if I want to air dry it?

Good question. Again, pick a smoothing serum (feel free to skip onto the next question if you want to know more about creams and balms) and apply it to soaking wet hair. Then, leave it to dry. And when we say leave it; we mean do not – under any circumstances – brush as your hair starts to dry. Or we’ll hold you entirely responsible for the wiry mess that ensues. Curly hair, here’s your cheat sheet: hold a diffuser next to your hair on the lowest, coolest setting, to mimic the action of air drying – while giving your hair a little help.

Should I apply products when my hair’s wet or dry?

The rule of thumb is: ‘S’ is for serum –when your hair is soaking (see above). Balms and Creams – so your Bs and Cs – should be saved for taming dry hair. The reason is, they generally contain less water; the more water – the more frizz. Which is why you look like a furball when you're caught short without an umbrella.

Is there anything I can do to fight frizz – without my hair falling flat?

We like to twirl some smoothing product into wet hair, then twist random sections, before letting it dry. This way, you end up with a hint of natural texture – not a nightmare frizz scenario.

What do I do if I get caught short in an April shower?

A cream or balm is your go-to here – but only use a tiny bit. And by that, we mean a single pump of cream – or a fingertip-sized blob of balm. Simply smooth a bit just where you need it – on fuzz, flyways and split bits, to bring your hair back under control. If you have fine hair, steer your product away from roots; course and curly types can afford to go a little nearer the scalp. fight frizz

How can I wear my hair up to turn down the volume on frizz?

A simple take on a nineties pony is just the ticket if you’re fed up with fighting the fuzz. Simply smooth your hair back into a tight pony on the bone at the back of the head – leaving the ends looped into your hair tie. The result is a style that’s smoother around the top and sides – but has a little shape and interest at the back.

So, what’s the one product I really need?

Are you sick and tired of the false promises made by anti-frizz products? Funnily enough, we’ve created the one-size-fits-all solution to streamline your routine. We’re getting ready to launch it – so whatever you do, continue to watch this space and we’ll get you sleek, for sure. F word – done. So let’s move on. Simply send us your hair conundrums to @Hershesons and and we’ll tackle them one by one.