BACK AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN SCISSORS…(yep, we see you over there).

Nearly 6 weeks into lockdown and we've got a *radical* new idea for you: forget the 6-weekly trim myth. Because unlike other salons, we don't believe in holding you hostage to getting haircuts all the time. In our Styling Week IGTV, our @LukeHersheson @TheHairBros and @JordanGarrett dream team just broke all the rules and revealed how you can get your best ever hair - because of, not in spite of – lockdown. Why? Because a Great Cut will get better and better – even as it grows out. It grows as you grow and becomes more you – bringing out your unique vibe, with each passing week. So really, please don’t hack those tips. We’ve got your back, we swear.

Here are 7 unbeatable ways to GET YOUR BEST HAIR – without a pair of scissors in sight.

Give lockdown hair TLC+

Please resist the urge to screw your longer lengths into a tight, unforgiving knot – you’ll only exacerbate split ends. Snag-free bands will do nicely if it’s bugging the hell out of you – or you want it up when you’re working out. Apply Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer mask to towel-dried hair, then pop on a shower cap. The totally awesome thing about lockdown is that you can wear it all day to max-out its nourishing, strengthening benefits – and no one will give a rats. Disclaimer: pressing “stop video” on Zoom calls is probably a good idea – but totally your call.

Give flat hair natural lift

When Jordan Garrett tried this on his girlfriend, its simplicity kind of blew our mind. The thing is, that when our hair gets longer, the pull of gravity takes its natural effect. All too soon, our hair has fallen flat on our face. So, create a centre part and run Almost Everything Cream through damp hair. Then use your hands to blow dry your hair diagonally. This means, pull the right side to the left – and vice versa – as you continue to dry. The result is effortlessly cool, natural lift that revives your uncut style.


Add shape to uncut curly hair

Left to its own devices, and thick curly hair tends to take on the proportions of a Toblerone. Instead, think Julia Roberts and play with your parting, flicking it to one side or the other. You’ll instantly create a little height and asymmetric shape that feels undone and great.


Create bend and body in fine hair

Uncut fine hair lacks shape, leaving you feeling a little meh. @TheHairBros recommend sectioning off the front sections of your hair when it's 90% dry. Then twist the back section into two loose knots. When 100% dry, release the knots to discover a little volume and bend, that suddenly looks like a whole new style.

Lift cheekbones with the lobster claw

Yes, Kate Moss has great cheekbones – but she also does a nice little line in "lobster claws". When blow drying your hair, pull the front section forward. Then pincer the top section of the hair, right where your parting meets your forehead, in a lobster claw-like movement. You’ll create a face-framing sweep that accentuates your cheekbones, as demonstrated by Luke Hersheson and his wife Vicky in this weeks’ ultimate beach wave masterclass.


Frame your eyes like Alexa Chung

We get it: grown-out hair doesn't like to play ball. So, when damp, pin the front sections behind your ears. Unclip once dry, and you'll have a Chung-like curtain that kisses the temples, to bring out those lovely eyes of yours.


Let your parting solve your fringe problems

We fear for fringes right now; honestly, we do. Hacking and snipping and tugging it hither and thither will only end in disaster. Instead, embrace your new lengths – let the good hair times roll! Sweep it and tuck it behind your ear; it helps if you create a smidgen of a side parting, then sweep your fringe to the same side. Claudia Schiffer was our grown-out fringe poster girl over on IGTV.


We hope you agree that uncut lengths really are in(teresting) – you can always watch the full IGTV to be sure. Then send us your Home Hair images to @Hershesons, remember – you can also book a £10 1-on-1 Zoom with a Hershesons pro stylist or colourist right here, with all proceeds going to the NHS. See you same time next week, when we’ll be solving your runaway roots and home hair dye disasters.