What makes Great Hair? When we asked author and Guardian Beauty Columnist @salihughes, her answer was simple: “Hair that I can make look good myself with the minimum amount of product or effort, every single day” In other words, it’s wake-up-and-do-pretty-much-nothing Great Hair. Sali remembers the ta-da moment when @LukeHersheson first cut her hair back in 2013. She went from constantly battling her “tricky fine/flat hair” – to nailing quick, easy-breezy styling each day. So, in celebration of Hershesons’ physical spaces re-opening next month, Sali and Luke Zoomed in on exactly what it means to have Great Hair.


Fine hair with layers

Great Hair looks as good as it did when you walked out the salon for days and weeks after. In fact, it often gets even better as it grows out over the coming months.


Wavy gravy

Getting Great Hair helps you understand how your hair likes to behave naturally. Go with the flow, stop battling it, and you get hair that brings out the best in you.



Great Hair takes 5 minutes (or less) to style. Sali combs her wet hair upside down, adds some Almost Everything Cream and pops on a microfiber towel while she has breakfast. When her hair is 90% dry, she gives it a blast with this smoothing dryer, zhooshes it with her hands – and voila.

greys balayage

Great Hair should never require more than 2 styling products. Fact.

Great Hair starts with a Great Cut. Call it “invisible” or the No-Cut Cut – we like to serve up a particular flavour of cuts that look natural – then do all the styling leg work for you.


Great Hair starts with an opinion. So, when you come to us we’ll get you what you want. Then we’ll go the extra mile and deliver a look you love that you never even thought about before. Watch the full video here.