The thing about hair trends is that, like most things in life, they come in cycles. Long, short, straight, wavy, up, down, fringe or no fringe – they all have their moment in time. With the exception of the perennial bob, which comes in a version for everyone, and after years in the limelight, shows no sign of losing its glossy shine.

So, it makes sense that, after summer upon summer of beachy waves, straight hair is back – in a big way. They key, this time, (and frankly, the tricky bit) is nailing this summer’s desired texture: smooth without frizz, it comes with a piecey texture that stops it looking a bit forced and overdone.

“We’re seeing a real anti-tong movement as we head into summer. There’s just something about this straight, ironed look and separated tousle that feels suddenly more fresh and modern.” – Luke Hersheson.

Think Kate Moss in the iconic noughties Calvin Klein adverts. Then, American model, Bridget Hall, Demi Moore, Christy Turlington and Jennifer Aniston. Zendaya, Olivia Palermo and influencer Camille Charriere have also nailed this easy, undone take on straight.

For anyone with fine hair, this look means you can bypass the need for lengthy styling, and work with your natural look. If you’re worried about flat roots, you can always add a little lift with our signature Zhoosh Sandwich.

Otherwise, follow these 4 simple steps to this summer’s trending texture:

  1. Apply a little Almost Everything Cream to mid-lengths and ends while your hair is wet to prevent frizz later.
  2. Rough dry.
  3. Pass straightening irons over the hair to get a glassy, smooth texture.
  4. Add some more Almost Everything Cream to your hands and apply it to small sections, using a pincer movement between your fingers to create a piecey texture – particularly on the ends.