Location: The Vinyl Factory

The Look: 3-D Rope Braid

Orla Kiely marked the start of our Fashion Week with an unexpected throwback to the good old college days. The 1970’s film, ‘Love Story’ by Ali Macgraw was an obvious point of reference for the nostalgically studious setting. So fine was the attention to detail that the library felt much more than just a clever set design within London’s Vinyl Factory. The preppy collection, inspired by maths and geometry took geek-chic to another level. Skirts covered in graph-like checks were reminiscent of classroom books whilst silhouettes mirrored a wearable mix of 60’s and 70’s style. Bold block colours like schoolgirl greys stood next to lemon yellows and soft peach to romanticize the whole affair. 3-D was the backdrop and 3-D was the hair as Luke updated a playground classic with an intricate rope-like braid. Following the main theme Luke kept the hair somewhat prim but chic, with detail that was more than a little unexpected. Luke says: "The 3D braid is made with four sections. Its appearance is familiar and tactile but it has quirky detailing that feels more complex than a traditional braid. We pulled each of the four sections out to emphasise a lived-in 3D effect." It's simply style with intelligence!

Shhhh #allquietinthelibrary