Location: Tate Britain - Topshop Show Space

The Look: Shoe-lace knot

We saw a rainbow of clashing colour; warped prints and a rather subverted take on the 60’s as Jonathan Saunders painted AW15 in technicolour. We saw puce, tangy orange, acid pink and electric blue followed by browns, crimson and nude. A sickly medley that just doesn’t work well on paper. But via a mix of experimentation and experience Saunders forbid the loud clash of colour to say too much by pairing tonal shapes with lean lines and a slim, sensual silhouette. When it comes to hair there is a fine line this season between over-styling and doing too little. In fact the art lies in finding the perfect balance. Luke says: "it's not an over styled season, but its not under-styled either. This look wasn't referenced from any one particular era but it definitely grew from a modernistic point of view. You instinctively know its a bun, but upon closer inspection the knotted detail leaves you quizzing the technique behind it. It looks like it could almost happen on its own as the hair left unattended outside the knot has an air of nonchalance about it." Don't be fooled by the intricate detail, the shoe-lace knot is actually quite easy to replicate...
  1. Tie your hair in a ponytail and divide into two sections
  2. Knot them as if you beginning to tie a shoe-lace. Depending on the length of your hair you may need to do this two or three times.
  3. Wrap your knot around itself like a bun and pin/grip in place to secure.
  4. Leave the ends of your hair out like a tail for a modern, minimalistic finish.