Just what it is about the zhoosh? That mysterious thing that creates the difference between having so-so hair – and having hair so Great, you and your newfound confidence could just about conquer the world. Having a bad day? A zhoosh of your hair will make it better. On top of the word? Let’s celebrate like the dancing ladies, and give ourselves a zhooshing. hand zhooshtweak
So, let’s dial this back a notch and start at the very beginning. The first thing we thought when we sat down to write about this particular phenomenon, is how in hell do you spell it? We played around with jugge, joodg – but they sounded like a cozy Scandinavian lifestyle trend or an artisan banana bread. We went back to the drawing board. Google soon corrected us – so we knew it was zhoosh or zhuzh. Our digital dictionary went one further: it’s spelt like a blender sounds, and means to ‘tweak, finesse or improve (something), to make it more appealing or exciting.’ Which is why Beyoncé, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all talked about the hair zhoosh as being an essential part of their routine. What they all have in common, is seriously Great Hair – and a sense of their own individuality, that makes them stand out from the crowd. By breaking this down, scratching our head and having a good old brainstorm, we decided the zhoosh is this: it's a little bit of help – not a transformation. By no means does it require a salon appointment, (although, we're pretty good at serving a zhoosh up when you book here). When a zhoosh is done well, suddenly, your hair goes from looking a little bit dead, to ta-da – being full of life. With bells on. Some common themes to note: a zhoosh is often about texture, movement, something a little disheveled or offbeat. It’s definitely not about perfection – because the quirks are what make a zhoosh. And what makes it speak volumes about who you are. zhoosh tongs tools hair attitude
A zhoosh could be a ruffle of your roots; a flip of your head upside-down to add some tousle. Maybe it’s moving your parting – ever so slightly. Or using your tongs to add a hint of a bend, here and there. It could be pulling hair in front of your shoulders, tucking it behind one ear – or flicking it over in a different way. The point is that the zhoosh is the thing that really works for you. The difference to the casual observer is subtle – if not invisible, yet the effect on the psyche of the zhooshee is palpable. It’s like someone turned on your confidence light – at the simplest flick of a switch. Which means that the secret to the zhoosh lies not just in your roots, your tips, your texture or cut. It’s all in your attitude. So, let’s share the love and go catch some clouds together. Let’s pool our collective zhooshes and flick that confidence switch to ‘always on.' Meet us @hershesons to tell us how you zhoosh – and what it means to you.