So many products, so much money – not to mention the hideous amount of waste. So, we’ve set ourselves a mission with a new manifesto for 2019 and beyond:

1. To call time on false promises and whistle blow on jargon. Because we’ll tell it to you straight: nothing can justify the number of new products that get released every year (month, day…), and most of them do next to nothing for your hair anyway.

2. To save you money and de-clutter your bathroom. This is what we know: when you find the things that really work for you, you’ll stick to them – through thick and thin – and never look back again.

3. To save the planet. You don’t need us to tell you that cutting down what we use and reducing what we waste, is 2019’s number one talking point. Our hair products are no exception.

With all that in mind, we asked 3 Great Stylists to tell us the 3 things they’d never be without.
Luke Hersheson, our Creative Director
elnett - L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray: Ok, so this is a product – but it’s also THE product. It adds hold, but remains soft (not sticky), disappears without a trace and makes hair shiny as new. We’ve never met a stylist who doesn’t carry it. - Some grosgrain ribbon: Use it as a headband; tie it around the base of your pony or a half-up, half-down style. It adds instant polish with a hint of cool – you really can't go wrong. - A (non-plastic) bottle - filled with sea water: Fill it up next time you’re at the beach, pop it in a diffuser and mist it on at your leisure. Or you could make it with sea salt and water at home. Who needs expensive beach sprays anyway? pink ribbon
David G, one hell of a stylist
- Hair Ties: Always there, waiting patiently in the wings, ready to tie your hair into a top knot or pony: an absolute must for those days when leaving it down just isn’t an option. - Dry shampoo: The multi-tasking hair wonder kid. It soaks up grease on oily roots; it adds volume and fullness when your hair has fallen flat. It puts ponies, twists and top knots firmly in their place – and can even add grip to hair slides when you mist some onto them first. tong david - Tongs: I hate to play favourites with our styling tools (because our Ionic Professional Hair Dryer deserves a shout out too), but our Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong is one thing I can’t live without. From natural movement to beachy waves and full-on Veronica Lake ripples, it puts the power back in your hands, so you can elevate your look – and get on with having Great Hair.
Sean Paul Nother, he’s one half of the HairBros

- An old toothbrush: This is the ideal frizz-fighting tool at this time of year when you’re switching between indoor central heating and cold, wet weather outdoors. Simply blast an old toothbrush with hairspray and immediately run it over strays, frizz and other bits that have gone for a little walkabout. Just don't wait for the spray to dry before you use it – otherwise, you'll end with a rock-hard toothbrush – and very little else. Bonus point: you can use the same tip on your brows.


- Mousse – but not as you know it: The sticky mousses of old now come in smart formulations that can be used in different ways. So, rather than apply your mousse before you blow dry and tong, flip your head upside down and scrunch it in afterwards. Allow it to dry naturally, and the alcohol inside the mousse will break up your waves and give them a cool, lived-in texture. - Clips and tissue paper: Using your parting to frame the face, so you get a little bend at the cheekbone, looks super flattering on everyone. When your hair is damp, pull the front section forward, then tuck it behind your ears – letting it curve gently over the sides of your face. Place a square of tissue paper just above your ear before clipping the hair in place as it air dries. The clip sets your face-framing parting in place; the tissue paper stops the clip leaving a strange dent. Together, you, your parting and your cheekbones look bang on point. By our calculation, that’s 3 products, some ribbon, tongs, tissue paper, clips, hair ties and a toothbrush. We bet your hair looks really Great – and your bathroom’s as good as new.