We believe everyone can get Great Hair. That said, we realise that fine hair can be frustrating – if you’re not armed with the right know-how. Maybe yours looks a little wispy; maybe it’s sparser in certain areas; or perhaps it just looks flat and shapeless each day.

Either way, there are ways to make your fine hair look fuller – naturally (without clips-ins or extensions). You just need a checklist of dos and don’ts… 


Get a curtain fringe

So yes, there’s a fringe for everyone – even curly hair. Yet, if your hair is on the finer side, one of our signature curtain fringes can be cut to frame your face, add shape– and make your hair appear fuller.

Tease your crown

It’s amazing how much adding a little volume to your crown can really lift your whole look – and you can achieve it in two simple ways. Our Pro Blow Dry Kit has a round brush and volumising Zhoosh Foam to help you perfect your blow dry and add root lift. You can also rub Zhoosh into your crown on dry hair to add a little height and shape here – especially if you want to eke your style out for longer before you next shampoo. Adding a pony and loosening your hair at the crown with a bit of Zhoosh is great if you prefer wearing your hair up.

Maintain your roots

Ever wondered why your hair not only looks brighter after your highlights or balayage appointment - but also looks fuller too? Bleach swells the hair, making the roots look and feel fuller. You can always decide whether highlights or balayage will look best on you here.


Use heavy styling products

They’ll only weigh your fine hair down. As a rule of thumb, avoid styling products with a greasy texture (oils and serums) and instead, opt for lighter creams. We formulated Almost Everything Cream so you can smooth frizz and tame flyaways on dry hair without making your fine hair appear thin or dirty.

Get a blunt cut

Asking your stylist to cut chunky, blunt ends will only make your hair look flat and solid. To add fullness, we need to create the illusion of flow and movement, so a few well-placed ‘invisible layers’ are the best way to add shape and definition.

Ask for all-over colour

One colour can often make your hair look one-dimensional and flat. An expert colourist will use soft highlights or balayage add depth and movement while complementing your cut.