From fine and flat to fuller, more lustrous hair – every single day.

This rule-breaking cut just changed the game with a small change that makes one helluva volume-giving difference. 

What is it?

“This cut breaks all the old, hairdresser-y rules about adding loads of layers to fine hair in order to make it look fuller. Instead, it’s about using strategically-placed layers in a less-is-more way to give fine, flat hair that effortless lift, shape and fullness,” says Luke Hersheson.

What are the benefits?

✓ Gives fine hair instant volume
✓ Enhances your face shape
✓ The cut does the hard work for you. So you spend less of your life styling it.
 It’s a classic example of one of our Keep Your Inches Cut. It makes a big difference – but doesn’t require you to lose your length. 

Who does it work on?

“We cut this look on Emily Johnston, otherwise known as Fashion Foie Gras. Like many girls, Emily has fine hair – but lots of it. And it didn’t have a whole lot of shape. She wanted her hair to look fuller naturally, without going for anything drastic,” says Luke.

The A-list references…

You know how much we love an ‘80s reference. We scrolled through our image library of Cindy Crawford and Yasmin Le Bon in their heyday. Then we remembered Mia Sara’s character, Sloane Peterson, in the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. They all had this flip-to-one-side front section that added instant shape and volume. We’ll tell you how to style it below.

So, how does it work?

“The most important thing about this cut is busting the myth that more layers will give you more volume. Too many layers can actually make your hair look thinner and wispier, so it doesn’t make any sense,” says Luke. 

“To break this outdated rule, I added layers in small amounts and just the right places. I kept the back and sides pretty much one length, then took the front section a little shorter to break up Emily’s face shape.

“Using both scissors and a razor also helped transform her fine hair. By keeping the mid-lengths to ends really soft and fluid (rather than letting them hang down in one chunk), her hair really comes to life with a shape that has bags of effortless volume”.

How do I style it?

We often get asked if Almost Everything Cream works on fine hair. The answer is 100% yes – just start with one pump and add more as you need. We ran some through Emily’s mid-lengths and ends then rough dried her hair using the Ionic Professional Hair Dryer, pulling the front section to one side and the other, for extra oomph and lift. We used the Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong to bring out her natural movement.

As a finishing touch, we looked back at our ‘80s icons and flicked the front section to one side, to create that instant lift and volume. Ta-day – from fine and flat to fuller-looking hair without losing your length.

Who do I book?

Christina H, David G, Marcos G, Neale R


Want to see Emily’s hair go from fine to full? The video is right here.