Recently, Luke Hersheson spent a day styling long-term client, Keira Knightley for an incredible Harper's Bazaar shoot. So, we thought we'd take you along for the ride, so you can get that easy, tousled texture too. 

How does Keira Knightley like her hair to be styled?

“Keira loves her hair to be effortless, simple – and never overdone," says Luke. "We always go for something that's down, with a messy, natural texture –or put her hair up with a look that's tight to the head".

What are the references?

“We looked at old Peter Lindbergh images of ‘90s supermodels Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. I love how the hair had a bit of grit to it. This texture creates easy movement and adds soul to the look”.

Why cut Keira’s hair?

“It’s easy to focus exclusively on styling, but a Great Cut does the hard work for you. Once you have the foundation in place, it means you can dramatically cut the time, effort and number of products you need to get amazing hair every day.

“For this look, I cut a few pieces around Keira’s face then thinned it out overall. This creates that naturally tousled texture and piecey ends that feel spontaneous and cool – rather than over-styled or blow-dried”. 

How did you style it?

“People often think that you need to spend hours blow-drying and tonging your hair to get this beachy tousle. But with the right products, you can simply enhance your natural texture for something that feels – and is – more effortless. 

“I added a couple of pumps of Almost Everything Cream to Keira’s hair to prevent frizz and keep it looking well-nourished and hydrated. I then layered in our brand new product that creates grit, tousle and movement. The product harnesses some new technology that brings wet and dry hair to life. Watch this space – it’s coming soon!”.

Who can I book?

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