So, you’re a brunette and you want a little tickle of blonde. But not too much. Just enough to give you and your hair a gorgeous sun-kissed glow.

But you’ve got questions. Lots of questions.

Should you book highlights or balayage? How do you stop it looking brassy? And what kind of maintenance will be involved?

Colourists James and Maxine have got all the answers…

I’ve never had colour before. Will going a touch blonder work on me?

Yes! Adding a few lighter pieces to brown hair gives it 3D definition that brings out its natural shape and texture. Kind of like contouring and highlighting your cheekbones to sculpt your face. Done well, and a few lights here and there will really bring your hair to life if it’s been looking a little ‘meh’ lately.

Should I book highlights or balayage?

We’d opt for Chocolate Balayage (rather than highlights) for several reasons:

✔ You get more control over how much colour you add – and how close it goes to the root. So, the change can be super subtle, if that’s what you want.
✔ It gives you a soft, blended look – rather than anything that feels too stripy.
✔ It grows out looking natural – so you don’t get a hard line between your own colour and the blonder pieces.
✔ It looks great on long, short, straight and curly hair.

What about a full or a half head?

If you’ve got long and/or very layered hair, we’d recommend starting with a full head. Likewise if this is the first time you’re dipping your hair in the Chocolate Balayage waters. If you have a bob and few layers – or are just coming for a re-touch – then a half head is fine. Remember, you might also just want a few face-framing lights to give your skin a real glow – so you can book in for that too.

How do I stop my brunette beachy lights from going brassy?

An expert colourist will know just the right amount of time to leave your colour on for – so it’s sun-kissed and warm, but never brassy. They’ll most likely add a toner when you get the colour washed off too, to nix any orange tones.

If you prefer your lights a cooler, ashier tone, you can also ask us for foilage. In this case, we’ll use foils (as with traditional highlights) to lift your natural colour up more and make sure you reach a cooler tone. Then we’ll add a toner again.

How often will I need to book a top up?

The beauty of balayage is that it grows out looking super natural – like your mid-lengths and ends have been tickled by the sun on holiday. This makes it really easy to maintain – and you may only need a re-touch two or three times a year. Some people even stick to getting their lights done once a year, just before summer arrives. 

Don’t forget our free consultation

If you’re still unsure, you can always pop by one of our flagships for a free colour consultation. We can do a patch test at the same time, so if you do want to go ahead, you’re all set to go in 48 hours’ time.

Ready for your beachy glow? Book your Chocolate Balayage now.