What’s modern but timeless; classic but cool – and works on pretty much everyone? You got it: loose beachy waves are hair’s answer to the perfect pair of heels, the ideal jeans and the crisp white tee you can rely on to take you anywhere. Matter of fact, your beachy blow dry is the fastest way to giving your hair the zhoosh it needs when you want it to go from so-so to Great. It also works on all hair types and lengths – from bobs to longer styles – whether your hair is curly, straight, frizzy or somewhere undecided in between. It’s so darn versatile that it even looks great on all ages, and can be tweaked from being polished to tousled – depending on your individual vibe.

how to get beachy wavestext beach hair
So, it’s hardly any wonder that since we launched Wavy Gravy in our very first London Blow Dry Bar, it’s been the number one hit on the menu. Which is why we thought it might be time to spill the beans and reveal how our pros create the perfect beachy wave. Now you can happily zhoosh away back home. Here’s how to get beachy waves in 8 simple steps:

1. Rough dry right

It may be ‘rough,' but this bit counts – so pay close attention. Apply a small amount of smoothing cream to wet hair, then use your fingers to pull the frizz out from your lengths as you blow dry, using the Hershesons Ionic Professional Hair Dryer. Then tuck the front section behind each ear, continuing until your hair is 100% dry, to prep the way for a beautiful, cheekbone-framing sweep.

2. Smooth away frizz

If you’re blessed with hair that’s not at all frizzy – feel free to skip on down to step three. Otherwise, use the Hershesons Ceramic Ionic Brush Medium to blow dry the front section of hair forward over your face – being careful not to stretch it out too much. This knocks out just enough frizz, (but not all natural movement) to smooth the front section and add a little extra polish. We call it the demi-smooth.

3. Tong from the underneath out

Unless you're a glutton for punishment or have luggage loads of time on your hands, why don't we just speed this whole process up? Start on the top section of hair, working from one side of your head to the other – then see if you still need to complete the underneath. Chances are, a few quick waves smattered here and there on the underneath section will do nicely. So you and your waves can get on with having a great day. textlong hair beach waves

4. Skip the mirror

Are you quite done tying your limbs in knots? Getting express beachy waves on hair any length or type should never require a degree in arm acrobatics. So, skip the mirror (all those lefts and rights, backwards and forwards, will only confuse you). Then twist random sections of your hair around the tong – turning it away from your face at the front, to create a great, feature-framing effect. As for the rest of your hair, keep it simple and flip your lengths forward over your shoulders, then twist in any direction you fancy.

5. Soft waves for every hair type

The reason why our Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong is the star of our London Blow Dry Bar menu is that it has just the right barrel size and can be adapted to any hair type or length. So, rule of thumb for a relaxed, modern look: when wrapping each section around the barrel, leave around one inch free at the root and a half-inch spare at the tip. Exceptions to the rule of thumb include: if your hair is on the finer/straighter side, start closer to the root and tong in fairly large sections. For hair that’s naturally thicker, take smaller sections, to give your waves the definition they deserve. curling tongs
Hershesons Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong - £98


6. Count to three

Look, unless you want to feel like you’re off to the prom, can we recommend that you think ‘less is more’? You really do not need to fry the bejesus out of your hair, just for the sake of a few beachy waves. Count to three as you wrap each section around the medium-sized barrel and you’ll get soft, loose movement for sure.

7. Perfect the Pinch

Professional stylists use this weird, lobster claw-like movement at the end of every blow dry. It’s a universal trick that works on everyone, to ensure your hair bypasses weird cowlicks and flicky bits, and simply frames your cheekbones in the greatest of ways. So, mist a little hairspray onto the very front of your centre part; then pincer that section between your thumb and fingertips, to create a sweeping, curtain-like shape at the front. Curve the sides back towards the ears and voila – your face is framed, your cheekbones are standing to attention, and your look is totally on point.

8. Rake and smooth

Now, pop a little smoothing cream on your fingertips and rub it between your hands. Place your hands either side of each section of hair, (we like to picture a ‘hand hair sandwich’) to loosen your waves and create a natural tousle. Rubbing a little cream on the tips to add separation is the icing on the beachy wave cake. Well, blow us down – look at your waves. We could have sworn you've just come from the beach.