The thing about the tips of your hair is that they've been around for years. And just like our perfect pair of jeans, they suffer from wear and tear. But unlike jeans that look better as they fray, we like our tips to feel together – so they look as good as new. So, let’s start at the very beginning…

What causes split ends?

The tips are the oldest part of our hair, so they’re exposed to the elements over a longer period of time. You could say that this makes them the weakest link.

Can all cause the ends to fork. The cuticle refuses to lie flat, and suddenly, our tips look wiry or frizzy.

Do the same. Check out your hair under a microscope, and you’d see that the shaft is full of ridges. The upshot is that it can no longer reflect light – and we lose out big time on shine.

Once split ends start, they can work their way up your hair. As with everything, prevention is better than cure. So, if you want to avoid a drastic cut, it’s better to stop split ends before they start.

Here’s how to fix split ends:

Point cut
Ask for a “point cut” We don't subscribe to the adage that all hair needs to be cut every six weeks. A tousled bob will look great as it grows out; plus the ends of shorter hair are naturally younger, so need trimming less often. The reason why most of us with longer hair dodge a regular cut is that we fear the chunky, ruler-straight style we left firmly behind at primary school. Ask your stylist for a “point cut” and they’ll snip into (rather than cut across) your tips, to reduce split ends, while maintaining a beachy effect.

Wavy gravy
Be smart about heat Protecting your hair from split ends is not just about how often you heat style – it also about which tools you use. This dryer combines a perfect ratio of heat and speed, to minimise breakage. The number one tip we always pass on from our London Blow Dry Bars is if you love the Wavy Gravy, be sure to leave the ends of your hair out when using tongs. Not only will this keep your tousle effortless, beachy and fresh – but it’ll save you from split end damage too. You can always check out our guide to air-drying every hair type too.

Switch up your colour Remember the ombré dip-dye trend, which focused colour at the tips? You won’t need us to tell you that this is a recipe for split ends. Pick balayage or highlights to keep colour up at the roots and mid-lengths, and leave your poor tips alone.

Wet brush
Use the right brush at the right time While a flat cushion brush can do wonderful things on dry hair, it can actually worsen split ends when wet. A brush like this is specially designed to work through tangles when your hair’s post-shower and you don’t want to start haemorrhaging split ends.

Almost Everything Cream
Use this split end problem-solving product Talking of those post-shower moments, let's not start rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel because (you guessed it) you’ll only up your risk of breakage. Instead, smooth 1-2 pumps of Almost Everything Cream into your hair, making sure it’s properly squished into the tips. It acts like a sealant that forces the cuticle to lie flat, so your split ends look split no more. Thanks for reading. The (split-free) end.