How many times have you considered getting a fringe – then chickened out at the last minute? Or – horror of all horrors – maybe you’ve taken the plunge, only to find you hate it, then spent months growing it out, millimetre by millimetre.

Whichever camp you’re in, full-on bangs are back – and we know they can look great on you. That is – if you get the cut just right…

“A full fringe is a great way of instantly shaking up your look and framing your features. Many women fear bangs won’t suit them, but follow a few simple guidelines, and we think there’s an ideal fringe out there for everyone.” – Luke Hersheson.

What are bangs?

Unlike a curtain fringe, which tends to be shorter in the middle and sweep outwards towards the ears, bangs are fuller and run straight across the forehead. That said, modern-day bangs retain a natural softness: they're a little choppy and allow you to see a glimpse of forehead. They never look solid or like you've suddenly developed a helmet head. 

Who are the A-list references?

Brigitte Bardot had some killer bangs. Likewise, Claudia Schiffer in the ‘90s. Since then, everyone from model Julia Stegner to JLo, Jessica Biel and Priyanka Chopra have all opted for a fuller, face-framing fringe in their time.

How do bangs work?

We use scissors to create what’s known among experts as a “point cut”, meaning you cut into the hair to remove bulk and add natural movement. This is what gives the style that softness, so it looks spontaneous rather than contrived. 

In terms of the shape, the most flattering fuller fringe runs from the mid-point of one eyebrow to the mid-point of the other. It usually skims the brows, then blends into the hair seamlessly at the sides to create a coherent style – rather than looking like the fringe has been added on afterwards. This narrow shape also frames your features and emphasises your eyes.

Biggest bangs no-no…

Don't let them get too wide. If they start edging wider than that mid-point of your eyebrows towards your temples, they can overwhelm your face and look like a helmet of hair. 

Do bangs work on curly hair?

We think bangs can be adapted for everyone – no matter what your hair type, texture, age or vibe. Something to think about if you have curly hair, is to consider how short the fringe will look when it’s dry and springs back into place. Bangs on curly hair also tend to take on more of a disco, ‘70s style. They may sound scary, but in fact, bangs can lend your curls extra shape and structure if you find they can easily become out of control.

How to style your bangs?

You know our mantra: Great Hair starts with a Great Cut. Done right, and your bangs should do a lot of the hard work for you because they create shape and frame your face – without requiring you to blow dry or tong in lots of movement.

To keep things quick and easy, we add a smidgen of Almost Everything Cream to our wet fringe to prevent frizz, boost shine and condition. Blow dry it for a few minutes, angling your hairdryer over your fringe from above to help lend it shape, so it doesn’t fall flat. You can always carry our 50ml AEC bottle in your handbag or gym bag to smooth and tame flyaways throughout the day.

What about growing my fringe out?

The softness created with the point cut means that your bangs should grow out looking natural, rather than staggered. Your stylist can also easily create more of a curtain effect once it reaches a certain length, so it blends into the rest of your hair as it grows. Then you can tuck the sides behind your ears as you wish.


Go on – take the plunge, and get those bangs booked in.